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How to Make Decoupaged Heart Rocks for Valentine’s Day

by Jean Van't Hul
December 5, 2021
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Make simple decoupage heart rocks with fabric for Valentine’s Day. These make a fun and easy gift or decoration!

Updated December 2021

These heart rocks are such a fun Valentine’s Day craft! They are easy to make, and are a great gift for friends, neighbors, or classmates. We used smooth rocks and fabric hearts, along with some Mod Podge, to create these heart rocks for Valentine’s Day.

This is such a simple and easy decoupage project for kids. And adults are sure to enjoy it as well!

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How to Make Decoupaged Heart Rocks



  1. Prepare rocks

    If your rocks come from outside, scrub them briefly, rinse them, and spread them out on a cookie sheet in a hot oven for a few minutes to dry. *

    *Note: If you gather rocks from a wet area, such as a stream, do NOT put them in the oven as the moisture may make them explode.

  2. Cut fabric

    Do you have any leftover fabric from other sewing or craft projects? This is a great way to use it.  Begin by cutting out small heart shapes from the fabric. You could also use paper if you don’t have any fabric.

  3. Decoupage

    Brush a layer of Mod Podge onto the rock. Then lay the fabric heart on it and brush another thin layer on the top of the fabric. Set aside to dry completely.

    heart rocks

Aren’t these so cute? Heart rocks make fun valentines for kids or a nice decoration around the house.

heart rock in a pocket
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Looking for another heart rocks projects to try? These glitter rock valentines are easy and so fun to make!

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How to Make Decoupaged Heart Rocks for Valentine\'s Day

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