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How to Make Painted Rock Houses

by Jean Van't Hul
May 15, 2023

Gather some rocks on a walk and head home to make these fun painted rock houses! This is such a fun and easy nature activity for kids of all ages.

painted rock by a tree

Updated June 2023

Want to make some charming little rock houses for your garden or for play? These cute houses are super fun and easy for kids to make, and using rocks as a canvas is surprisingly satisfying!

These painted rock houses will make a cute addition to your garden. You could also use them for pretend play, or you could also leave them in your neighbor’s or friend’s garden as a surprise gift!

rock houses pinterest
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Painted Rock Houses for Kids


*If you can find rocks that are domed or house shaped, they work especially well.

Time needed: 1 hour


  1. Paint rock

    Begin by painting the main colors of the rock house. You may choose to add windows, a door, and perhaps a roof.

    child decorating painted rock house

    Let dry completely.

    Children painting rock houses for kids

  2. Add details

    After the painted rock house dries, it is time to add additional details with Sharpies or other permanent markers. We especially like metallic Sharpies for this step.

  3. Time to play!

    Painted rock houses are wonderful to display anywhere in the house or outdoors! They are also tons of fun for pretend play!

    Red painted rock house with pink car on road map

Kids may enjoy creating a fairy house to place under a tree, or a house to incorporate with your own DIY Play Mat for Kids.

pink painted rock house

More Decorated Rocks Ideas for Kids

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