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Create Abstract Collage Art for Kids Using Geometric Sticker Shapes

by Jean Van't Hul
March 30, 2011

Use these geometric shape stickers to create fun abstract collage art for kids. This is a fun toddler art idea that kids will love!

Toddler Art with Geometric Sticker Shapes
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Today I wanted to share some abstract collage art that my kids made with these geometric sticker shapes I bought for them. Toddler Sticker Art Collage

Abstract Collage Art with Geometric Shape Stickers

Daphne and Maia both have been enjoying working with these geometric shape stickers.

Toddler Making a Sticker Collage

Daphne enjoys the pure process of getting the stickers off the sheet (she needs help sometimes; I bend the sheet back for her so the edges of the sticker pop up and she can grab it), feeling the stickiness on her fingers, and transferring it to the paper.

A toddler sticker collage

I love watching her concentrate on each step of the process. This truly is a child’s work.

Preschool sticker collage car

While Daphne’s sticker art is purely abstract (see the photo at the top of the post), Maia arranges hers into cars (above), rainbows, and pattern designs.

I really like seeing the two approaches and developmental stages side by side!

And having abstract stickers instead of princesses and cute puppies opens up the creative potential for the sticker collage activity.

And now that I’ve checked in here with an overdue blog post, I suppose I really must confront my e-mail…

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Using geometric stickers for a toddler sticker art collage

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