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Tangle Stars Printable & The Magic of Magic Stix

by Jean Van't Hul
November 30, 2017
Tangle Stars and Magic Stix Markers
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Don’t you just love it when a revolutionary new art material comes out?*

Like paint sticks or foam paint or washi tape?

Or, say, markers that don’t dry out?

*Maybe it’s just me geeking out over here in my corner of the world about the exciting possibilities of new art supplies… Either way, I’m okay with it.

Magic Stix Markers for Kids

A big thanks to Magic Stix for sponsoring this post and for sending us their markers to try out. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

The Magic of Magic Stix

I’ve been sent a case of said markers by the same folks who gave us the paint sticks we use and love. They asked me to try them out and review them here on the blog.

Since the packaging so boldly claimed that the caps could be left off for 7 days and the markers wouldn’t dry out, and since I love a good challenge, the first thing I did was to take the cap off one of the markers and stick it in a top cupboard for 8 days.

You know, to run it through it’s paces and test things out around here.

I figured, okay, maybe it’ll still work but surely it won’t be as bright and vibrant as before.

I was wrong.

Not only did the marker still work just as well after being uncapped for over a week, but the color was just as strong and vibrant as before.

Magic Stix markers in a starburst arrangement

These Magic Stix may just be a bit magic.

Plus, they are washable and nontoxic and come in a handy hard plastic case for carrying, storage, or travel. (I really like the case.)

Magic Stix Markers in a 12 Pack Case

So if you have a kid who is not always super great at getting the caps back on markers in a timely fashion, or you just want some good long-lasting markers, give Magic Stix a try.

Now for our simple, holiday drawing activity for kids. Finally.

Tangle Stars + Printable

Tangle stars - a simple drawing activity for kids

We used our new markers to draw Zentangle-style stars and Christmas trees with the idea that we would cut them out and turn them into Christmas ornaments. You could also do this to make gift tags, holiday cards, or a garland.

Note: I have a tangle star printable for you below that you can print out (perhaps on sturdy cardstock) and use to make your own tangle star ornaments.

Tangle stars drawing with kids

How to Make Zentangle-Style Stars



Step 1: Draw Star

If using plain card stock, draw a star freehand or use the printable stars as a template.

Drawing lines between star points for tangle drawing

Step 2: Divide Star Into Sections

Use markers to draw lines between the points of your star.

Tangle star drawing with kids using Magic Stix markers

Step 3: Add Tangle Designs

Fill in each section of the star with different tangle style designs. Or simply color and decorate as desired.

Tangle Stars for ornaments, gift tags, and garlands

Step 4: Cut Out Stars

Cut out the stars and use as ornaments, gift tags, or decorations.

We haven’t turned ours into ornaments yet, but will punch a hole at the top, add a loop of string, then hang them on our tree.

Zentangle Style Christmas Trees

You can also use this technique to make Zentangle-style Christmas trees, holiday ornaments, animals, or anything else.

Tangle Stars Printable

Download the Tangle Stars Printable to use with your kids!

Again, thank you to Magic Stix for sponsoring this post and for sending us their markers to try out! All opinions expressed are my own.

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We used magic stix to make tangle stars, a fun and easy drawing activity for kids. Here's a tangle star printable activity & a review of Magic Stix markers.

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