Child painting flower with watercolor paints

Why I Like Morning Invitations with My Kids

Abbey Donald of Wild Wattle Folk shares why she likes morning invitations for her kids & gives ideas for caregivers to use at home. 

Child painting red flower with watercolor paint set

Why I Like Morning Invitations with My Kids

When I became a mother, I knew I wanted to surround my children with ways for them to express themselves through creativity.

Today our house is littered with little baskets with invitations for the children to get creative.  Invitations through musical instruments, paints, clays, or our big basket of “useful things”–– which is filled to the brim with recycled items they can turn into something new.

There are many ways to foster creativity within the home. These can be done while fostering a child’s independence AND allowing you a relaxing moment to enjoy a hot drink.

MATERIALS (These are ones we like & are pictured here)

Here are some of the ways I set up our days with morning invitations for my children to harness their creativity and set their inner artist free. 

Morning invitation to create with flowers_Wild Wattle Folk

Morning Invitations for Kids

Each morning my two little ones wake up to find an invitation to create on our dining room table. During the evening while they sleep, I gather a range of creative mediums for them to use the next morning.

These can either be themed or not. And I always incorporate one structured activity with an example in case they desire a  little more direction.

I balance this by offering a basket full of other free flowing ways to create whatever they desire.

Child painting flowers and surrounded by botanical themed books_Wild Wattle Folk

This is just an invitation; one they can choose to either accept or leave for later in the day. However, I find that often, with their dreams still alive in their memories, they rush to recreate the amazing things their imagination dreamed up the night before.  

Invitation to create with flowers includes needle felting, botanical books, dried flowers, watercolor paints_Wild Wattle Folk

My two wild ones are deeply interested in collecting all the beautiful spring flowers that have been blooming here recently. So with that in mind, I set up a morning invitation to explore different ways to create flowers.

I also make sure they cover a range of different creative styles such as gluing, painting, sculpting, felting, printing and drawing. 

Child needle felting a flower_Wild Wattle Folk2

Invitations to Create

  • I start by finding an organized activity for them to do––one that I will do the night before and set out as an example. For this particular themed morning invitations, I chose needle felted flowers. This is a very simple and easy way to create on a new and exciting medium. 
  • Then I arrange some books with different illustrations of flowers and plants for them to look at and gain some inspiration. I also put out a basket full of different art mediums that the kids can use beside them. 
  • I fill some plates and bowls with an assortment of petals. These are pressed flowers as well as some dry flowers to allow my children the ability to create with flowers.

Watercolor flower painting by child_Wild Wattle Folk

Once the kids wake, they are greeted with a dining room table full of beautiful floral treasures. These will hopefully inspire and invite them to create their own masterpieces. 

If they choose to do something else in the morning I don’t mind. I know in their own time they will come back to begin creating.

Our creative station with art supplies for kids_ Wild Wattle Folk

Our Creative Station with Art & Craft Supplies

I think having accessible art and craft items for tiny hands is so beneficial. It fosters a child’s creativity, as well as their independence. Often ideas of things to create will spark in my children’s imagination at the most spontaneous of times. And most likely it’s when I’m not available to go and gather all the items they want me to spread out for them. 

Our little “Creative Station” is an old kitchen pantry. I find it perfect for storing their paints, clays, paper and other mediums, well as my own creative resources up on top. 

It’s such a powerful tool to give your child access to art supplies the moment a creative idea strikes. It helps limit frustration in waiting & gives the opportunity to become more independent and free within the creative process.

Owl co creation with child & parent_ Wild Wattle Folk

Create & Connect with a Caregiver

Co-creating is such a simple way to foster creativity in the home. In a world full of PDF downloads, it allows children to see all the beautiful quirks that come with creating your own work. This also gives kids the gift of time with the artistic process and with their care provider.

Not all co-creating needs to be done at the same time. A great way to do this is to partially create something for them to finish the following day.

For example, I might partially draw an owl and leave some feathers and glue as an invitation for my little one to finish it.  A similar idea can be done with a lion, with leaves and glue to be attached as its mane.   


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Why I Like Morning Invitations with My Kidss _ Pinterest

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    May 21, 2020 at 11:22 am

    I love the idea of an invitation to create but I would love to know what you do with all the projects and art created and how you don’t become overrun with artwork. Our children are constantly drawing and creating but I find the management of supplies really difficult to stay on top of. Our art/homeschool/supply closet is always overflowing. My kids have access to most supplies and a bin of random recyclables, yarn and squares of felt but I feel like in our small home everything is always chaos and with 3 kids constantly creating art I don’t know what to do with it all. My youngest (Almost 5) is exploring writing and fills pages a day with letters as she writes her stories. She loves cutting and taping anything she can get her hands on also. My middle (7)has always been a repetitive artist recreating the same thing over and over. In a day he may draw 10-20 pictures of the same thing or if he finds a bag of cotton balls he will glue all of them together. Yesterday I walked in the room as he was about to pour glitter glue over a pile of felt squares. My eldest (9) is a collector and loves to create but rarely finishes her works before she starts a new project that she’s suddenly inspired to do. Her bedroom walls are covered in art and her desk draw is stuffed full. I love their creative energy but I already struggle with keeping a tidy home so the delightful but endless art makes any sense of order seemingly hopeless. I don’t keep all their artwork. A lot gets recycled or thrown out (although they would be devastated to learn this). How do you manage it all? How do you keep an art shelf that isn’t overflowing and felt that hasn’t been glued into a giant blob. Our art supplies budget isn’t infinite sadly. My youngest also likes to push limits on how much of the available supplies she can get away with using while my eldest likes to be really careful about not using everything up and savouring what we have. I would love some tips on how you manage a home that is a free flowing art haven but also has some semblance of order.

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    May 24, 2020 at 3:04 am

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