Kids’ Art Spaces Around Our House

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Kids Art Spaces

I thought I'd follow up yesterday's post about art accessibility and siblings with a post about the current art spaces around our house.

You've all seen our easel in several recent posts as Maia's been using it a LOT lately. So much so that our living room walls are completely covered with her drawings from the last couple of weeks and there's an additional stack of rolled up easel drawings in the corner of the room.

I put paints at the easel a few days ago and she's been painting since. She's working on a painting of outer space in the photo above with Saturn in the lower left corner and plenty of white stars. This is the first time I've brought the tempera paints into the living room—before I've always had her use them in the studio or outside.

Kids Art Spaces

Kids Art Spaces

This is Maia's writing table, which we've moved into her room. She does some writing and drawing here, but not nearly as much as when we had it out in the main living area. I think it's time to rearrange things once again…

She also has a large chalkboard and felt board in her bedroom, which get sporadic use.

Kids Art Spaces

And here's Maia's little red table that is near our kitchen and dining area. I hung an Ikea triple wall pocket behind the table to keep some of her art supplies accessible. I don't see the wall pocket available anymore, but here's a similar one. In hers are an assortment of blank books, a hole punch, a ruler, tape, scissors, pencil sharpener, crayons, stickers, markers, watercolor paints, and an alphabet template.

So that's the overview of our current art areas—we're spread all over the house! We also do a lot of art at our dining table and, in warmer weather, outside. I'm sure we'll have to adjust somewhat as Daphne becomes mobile, so thanks for all the ideas yesterday!

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  1. arb says

    This would be a GREAT idea for a Flickr pool. I for one would love the inspiration. Sadie’s art table is in front of 3 low windows, and the sill of each is covered with an assortment of jelly jars and other small vessels filled with shells, acorns, beads, bits of yarn, colored pencils, and more. It’s too much and it’s a daily struggle to clear off enough space on the table to do any work. I am inspired by your serene photos.

  2. Elodie says

    Sorry I’m replying to your last 3 posts in one go.
    Re art materials and younger children I give thanks daily to Ikea Trofast. My dc are 6,6 and 5 but I care for a 2 year old 2 days a week and 2 other 6 year olds. We are lucky and have a playroom downstairs. I have the low level Trofast all along one wall, then 2 of the high Trofast units on the other side. I have draws and a shelves in both which I swap around if needs be. We have glass doors to the playroom which I sometimes shut off if the older ones want to create.
    In the tall Trofast I have a shelf at the top with felt tips,glue sticks,glitter pots,confetti pens etc. I then have 2 X painting drawers(1 with runny paint bottles,water colour paints in the other printing stuff,stampers etc),2X playdough drawers (1 with the playdough and safe stuff the other with the tiny dangerous bits),1 X collage drawer(with a box of bits for the 2 year old to use within it,the rest is bagged up and tied but in the box too)1x stencil drawer,1X ink stamping draw 2 X paper drawers,1X card drawer,1X dry wipe drawer etc
    I have the lovely bird tray from Ikea on which stands jam jars of thin felt pens and quality coloured pencils and crayons this lives on the low Ikea unit which is like a long work table. When the 2 year old is around I carry the whole thing out of reach. I have a writing table on which lives the 2 year olds crayons and thick pencils and paper.
    I also have a storage cupboard in which lives baskets of thick Berol pens, twist ups, a huge pot of writing tools and tool boxes with staplers,cellotape etc. The older children can access most of the drawers and the cupboard. They take any dangerous or messy stuff to the dining room table which is next to the playroom and always protected with oil cloth.
    Basically I’ve trained the older ones, have all the younger stuff down low,older stuff up higher and everything is easy to move and swap.
    Re the books- Princess Grace by Mary Hoffman and The Princess and the Wizard(she saves herself) by Julia Donaldson are both good. The Night Pirates has fiesty girls in and Madeline isn’t one to be trifled with either. My daughter quite liked The Wild Girl by Chris Wormell who is quite resourceful. If you post on Mumsnet in the childrens book section you should get loads of either ideas,most will be British though. Have to say The Paperbag Princess is the best though.

  3. says

    i love this post! thank you for sharing. so many great ideas. i’m always looking for ways to reorganize and rearrange around my little one’s creative whims. we recently did a post on our favorite art supplies, where we make are, and where we store supplies:
    thanks once again for the cool ideas… fun to peek in on other artful homes ;)

  4. Cori says

    Thanks for the pics! It has encouraged me to make our arts/crafts stuff more available. My kids are 5, 4, & 2. So I’m going to have to do a bit of brain storming before I set stuff out. My 5 & 4 yr old girls I trust. But I don’t even want to think about the havoc my 2 yr old son will bring about!!!

  5. Jodi says

    We have ours in the laundry room. All painting, dry erase, chalk, etc. I was tempted to carve out some space in the basement but I like the laundry room. It’s close proximity to where I am if they are working independently. I am also incorporating some space in my craft room. We are building them a little desk to work on. I have plans to do one of the ever popular chalkboard paint jobs in my kitchen for art time and I am going to set up a writing table in their new shared space. My just turned 3 y.o. is FINALLY starting to sit and do her own little projects. We are still working on the 2 y.o…..(speaking of your last post). She still has to be supervised. As always, you are truly an inspiration and I have to say Maia is really keeping me motivated to know that my kids can (and will) work independently soon. She is really an amazing little girl, you are doing such a great job Jean!! Be very proud.

  6. says

    Okay, I officially have a blog crush on you now. I just added you as my new favorite blog link in my blogroll. This is such a great inside peek–I really appreciate it. I am just now having to start tackling organizing these different areas, and I will be showing my husband the pic with the shelving as we could REALLY use a solution like that. BTW, we colored our pasta today and will be stringing our own necklaces tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration. I will be doing a follow-up post on the project and will link back to your great entry about it.

  7. Ann says

    I just have the image of your little one pulling up on the paint tray area of the easel…that may not last too much longer in the living room! My 16 month old climbs the chairs and onto the dinning room table that has all the homework and art things for her big brothers. I have found her up there with marker and scissors in hand. It is a challenge chasing her down but I am excited that she seems to love coloring (herself and everything else). You have encouraged me to maybe reorganize my art areas this weekend.

  8. says

    it is amazing what a few shelves can do for your creativity. We are in dire need for some. I hope to get ourselves an art center and writing table very soon. Thanks for pictures, i am very visual.

  9. says

    This is very inspiring……i sure wish i knew about this place when my kids were little! They are in their 30’s now! I love all of the things you have done for your daughter to foster her creativity!
    Love, Violette

  10. kayte says

    I agree! Jean you should start a children’s art space flickr group. I have searched before and found nothing like it. I would ADORE seeing your readers spaces too!

  11. says

    It is an ever-changing re-arranging adventure, isn’t it? The writing table, especially, at least in our home, is an itinerant thing, moving every quarter or so, and gaining new life every time. I do love these peeks — thank you!

  12. says

    It is so great to see a mum who encourages art activities in their children but with no pressure. I work as an Art therapist and you wouldn’t believe how many parents l come across that will not allow “Art” in the house because it is so messy!!!My 2 children are now in their 30’s and l also had loads of foster children, and my house was always taken over by Art! I never did like house work….!hax

  13. says

    You are so well organized! We just throw a splat mat over our largest table. Though I do have a craft room, full of baskets and boxes from Ikea when they were on offer. All Rebecca’s art stuff goes on the bottom shelf of a huge bookcase so she can get at it. My favourite Ikea purchase is their paper roll. It works so well on an easel.