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6 Art Room Ideas for Kids

by Rachel Withers
May 19, 2023
Shared art space by calivintage

Art room ideas that are adaptable for every family’s lifestyle whether a kids craft room, kids art corner or art cart. (Feature photo by calivintage)

Updated July 2023

At The Artful Parent, we believe art spaces are crucial for kids to incorporate art into the everyday.

Spaces like these build creativity, confidence and independence for kids. And they foster interest in more than just art.

An art space is all about empowering kids. But it also has to work for you, the caregiver.

In our home right now, the art cart is set up with supplies I’ve deemed ok for my toddler (and preschooler) to freely access. The rest are housed in our art hutch and nearby closet and not as accessible.

Make it work for your family.

And remember, that as your kids grow, the materials that they freely access can be reevaluated.

Here are six easy ways to incorporate an art space into your home, no matter what size.

art cart
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Art Room Ideas for Kids

Art cart by Lauren Herrell
Photo by Lauren Herrell

1. Art Cart

An art cart is my top recommendation for incorporating art into your family life. It is a great stand alone option that provides easy access to art supplies. It can also easily be incorporated into many other variations of a home art space.

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art caddy for kids
Photo by Andrea Martelle

2. Portable Art Caddy

We have a separate art caddy for my older son that we store in our art hutch. These are supplies that are appropriate for him, but not his younger sibling. If space is limited, try an art caddy to store the basic art supplies.

You might consider pairing a wall or refrigerator mounted system for holding paper & finished artwork in.

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Dedicated art table in kids art corner_Jean Van't Hul
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

3. Dedicated Art Table

This could be a dedicated art table or a wall mounted shelf that folds down as a table with a stool tucked underneath.

And you might add a lazy susan or art cart to store art supplies nearby. A great way to incorporate an art space into your best space.

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Photo by @playathomemummy

4. Art Corner

Do you have a playroom that your kids use and love that you could add an art station? Or possibly a little corner of your house could become an art nook.

Try to set up a small desk or easel, then add wall mounted shelves or pull up an art cart for starters.

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Shared Kids Art Space
Photo by Anna Harpe

5. Kids Art Room in a Shared Space

Many families use either their dining room or kitchen table for art. The biggest challenge being a shared space often requires the ability for quick tidying up before meals.

Try housing art supplies in furniture nearby such as a corner cabinet, hutch, or credenza. An art cart also works well.

Our family has a wall mounted system for storing finished paper artwork temporarily which aids in cleanup.

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kids craft room_Anna Harpe
Photo by Anna Harpe

6. Kids Craft Room

This is the dream right? Maybe you don’t think it’s possible to have your own kids art room. But think again!

Our founder, Jean Van’t Hul turned her dining room into a kids art room and Megan Schiller of The Art Pantry used her enclosed front porch to create an amazing kids art room for her girls. This is a chance to think outside the box about your space and what it might allow.

I love this cozy, efficient art space from Teach, Make, Create. It just goes to show that a children’s art studio doesn’t need a big footprint to have a big impact.

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Photo by Megan Schiller

Design Your Own Kids Craft Room

  1. Lay a creative foundation for your family with our Artful Parent 101 course.
  2. Megan Schiller has two super helpful resources to start creating your kids art room. I used her e-guide myself when I hit a wall designing my own children’s art space.

More Art Room Ideas for Kids

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6 Art Room Ideas for Kids