Fabric collage and a new apron

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Fabric Scrap Collage for Kids

I've been saving my fabric scraps this week. Today I let Maia and her friend Marlise collage with them. I set out the fabric, oil pastels, some glue, and cardstock.

Fabric Scrap Collage for Kids

The girls found the materials during a lull in their playtime and set to work without any direction. It was fun to watch them work.

Fabric Scrap Collage for Kids

Fabric Scrap Collage for Kids

And to see what they created.

Handmade Apron for Kids

On the Kids Clothes Week Challenge front my latest project is a cooking apron for Maia which I made using the Montessori child's apron tutorial from Sew Liberated.

Handmade Apron for Kids

This is a great kids' apron! There is no tying involved so a young child can put it on herself. The neck strap has elastic and just slips easily over the head. The waist strap attaches with velcro at the side. And the pattern is easy (I'm all about easy).

Okay, we're off to a kindergarten orientation. Hard to believe this kiddo is going to be in kindergarten this fall!

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  1. Kari says

    Where will she be in school? I’m trying not to worry that Isaac will only be 5 for 1 week before he starts school. It’ll all be fine, I’m sure…ugh.

  2. says

    I love that apron! I’ve made quite a few over the years for gifts.
    My son starts kindy in the Fall too, it is hard to believe. And the baby is almost 10 months old somehow. i do not know where the time has gone……….

  3. jo says

    i’m really really impressed with your blog!!!!
    you are a true inspiration for homeschooler moms :)

  4. says

    I’ve already started a few more with extra fabric pieces I have left over from other projects. I’m trying some with different prints on the front and back and for the straps.

  5. amy says

    we’re starting kinder with the oldest this fall too– we have preK graduation next week- I’m prepared with kleenexes! love the aprons.

  6. says

    I love this! I’ve been wanting to do more activities that celebrate fibers and quilting. This is perfect and so simple. Many thanks!!!!