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Yarn Art For Kids – Our 11 Best Activities To Try With Yarn

by Jean Van't Hul
August 8, 2013

Yarn Art For Kids – Our 11 Best Activities To Try With Yarn - yarn painting

After our recent experiments with yarn on canvas, I started thinking about all the fun activities we’ve made with yarn and string over the years.

We’ve tried yarn art for kids activities with everything from printing and painting to making spider webs and installation art.

Ready? Here goes…

11 Yarn Art for Kids Activities to Try

Yarn Art For Kids – Our 11 Best Activities To Try With Yarn - yarn printing and painting

1. Yarn painting on canvas

2. Printing with yarn & liquid watercolors

Yarn Art For Kids – String Blots and Yarn Paintings

3. Mirror Image String Prints

4. Yarn paintings :: a fun and tactile art experience for kids

Yarn Art For Kids – Action Painting with Yarn and String Cutting

5. Action painting with yarn

6. Cutting practice with string (great for toddlers and preschoolers!)

Yarn Art For Kids – Yarn and String Suncatchers

7. String suncatchers

Yarn Art For Kids – Pulled String Art & Installation Art

8. Pulled String Art

9. Installation art

Yarn Art For Kids – Yarn Spiderwebs and Yarn Printed Eggs

10. Yarn printed eggs (from The Artful Year)

11. Yarn spider webs

Yarn Art For Kids – Extra Yarn Childrens Book

Plus, of course, knitting and crocheting, which Maia wishes we would do more of but I have a bit of a hang-up about.

Also, there’s a super cool children’s book called Extra Yarn, about a little girl and what she knits with her magical yarn (thanks to Molly for telling me about it a year or so ago).

Do you have any fun yarn art for kids activities to add to the list? You know we’ll try them!

More Yarn Art for Kids

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Yarn Art For Kids – Our 11 Best Activities To Try With Yarn

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