A Build A Fort Kit for Kids by Fort Magic

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A Build a Fort Kit for Kids by Fort MagicWe had a submarine in our house last week.

A big one.

This week it’s been a house, a tattoo parlor (I relaxed while Daphne and Maia each painted designs on my arms and shoulders), a hide-out, a store, a restaurant, a reading nook, and a place to snuggle in sleeping bags for family movie night.

The amount of pretend play in our house has always been pretty healthy, but it’s been taking a whole new level recently with the arrival of a hefty box on our doorstep.

The kids were excited to open it and find a build a fort kit for kids sent to us by Fort Magic, one of my blog sponsors.

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

I didn’t correct Maia the first couple of times she thanked me profusely for getting them the fort building kit. But when I told her that Fort Magic had sent us the construction kit for free so that we could try it out and then share it with other families on our blog, she spent the rest of the day exclaiming, “Mom, you have the BEST job ever!” and “I’m SO glad you have your job, Mom!”

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

Daphne and Maia built a submarine (with Harry’s help) as soon as the box was opened.

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

Yes, it’s very possibly the girliest submarine ever built. But they sure had fun with it.

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

A week later, I helped them build the next fort they chose from the many fort ideas in the booklet included—a fort with a tunnel. I imagine the  next fort will be something from Maia’s imagination.

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

The build a fort kit is easy enough to use—Daphne, at 4, loves to add the connector pieces at the ends of the sticks; Maia, at 8, could build an entire fort by herself if she wanted, either from the book or from her imagination.

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

Fort Magic :: A Build A Fort Kit for Kids

A little about this kit…

The kit is BIG! There are so many pieces! It’s really quite incredible. And yet it all stows away easily in the sturdy storage bag included.

The fort kit is not cheap. At $199, it’s definitely a special purchase. And frankly, before I received it and used it myself, I thought it was overpriced. Now? I still think it’s going to be out of range for some people’s budgets, but it’s totally worth the price.

It’s an excellent construction kit. It’s big, it’s well made, it’s open-ended.

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

This kit could have your kids (and their friends and neighbors) building and playing in castles, cars, airplanes, etc inside and out, for years to come.

You could use it for a while, pack it away in the handy storage bag that’s included, and then take it out again when you’re ready to build a new fort or submarine.

Or you could go in on it with another family and take turns with it…

A Note About Covering the Fort Magic Forts

A submarine made with a fort building kit

We covered our forts with playsilks and curtains and even a silk canopy using the handy little clips included in the kit. Sheets or other fabrics would work, too.

Covering the Fort Magic Kit with playsilks and scarves

We thought that the playsilks and scarves worked especially well, though. They were each the perfect size to fit over one of the square openings of the fort yet were lightweight enough to stretch easily over curved areas or odd shapes in the fort.

Plus they’re so colorful and pretty!

We used our own playsilks (both the Kool-Aid dyed playsilks and the tie dye playsilks we made) as well as an assortment of silk and nylon scarves that I’ve picked up over time from the thrift store at 50 cents a piece. You could also buy playsilks, of course… Or pick up some pretty, inexpensive fabric from the fabric store… Or use sheets and tablecloths…

The word is that special Fort Magic covers will be available soon as well…

A Build a Fort Kit for Kids

Would you like to buy a fort building kit for yourself? Um, I mean for your kids? If so, you can buy the Fort Magic kits on Amazon. Note, they have a 30-day money back guarantee and a full manufacturing warranty on all the parts!

You can learn more about these fort building kits on the Fort Magic website and you can connect with Fort Magic folks on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube.

UPDATE: We’ve since used our Fort Magic kit MUCH more! Here are a few more posts about the fun we’ve had:

Fort Magic GIVEAWAY! Win a Build A Fort Kit for Kids

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For a chance to win a Fort Magic fort building kit, valued at $199, explore the Fort Magic website then come back here and leave a comment about something you like or something you learned. After you leave your comment, make sure to click the Rafflecopter box telling it you left a comment and want to be entered into the giveaway! Giveaway open to readers in the US and Canada. Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

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  1. Nolan says

    Oh my goodness! My girls would love this! They’ve been bugging me for the straw building set but this would be even more amazing.

  2. Isabel Martinez says

    This is a great toy! My daughter would love this! I bet it great for outdoor play too now that the weather is great!

  3. Amanda says

    My daughter would love this ! She’s always dragging off the kitchen chairs and stealing blankets to make herself a fort .

  4. Jennifer says

    My 7yo was just telling me that she wishes she could build a fort inside. This would be awesome. Plus we have lots of silks that would come in handy.

  5. Sarah says

    I love that this is so open ended! My boys would adore something like this! And those silks are beautiful. Do you have a source for those?

  6. Melissa says

    Lots of possibilities for creative play! Would love to have this for indoor play during our long Michigan winter (especially after this record-setting year!)

  7. talyn says

    My 4 and 2 year old usually build forts the old fashioned way, couch cushions and blankets, but this would be so fun!

  8. Maria says

    Love all the options that this presents! My kids would love to combine this with our playsilks :)

  9. Magnolia Aimee says

    My son and the kids I watch most days would LOVE this! I can just imagine the creativity explosion in my living room! I think I want this for Christmas! I can’t wait I play with it my self!

  10. Libby says

    We have had a few for kits and this by far looks way better! I love how many pieces it has and how stable it looks!

  11. Monica C says

    Love this! I love that it has the little clips for holding fabric in place… perfect for my easily frustrated 4yr-old fort builder!

  12. Sarah Hall says

    My girls would love this!!
    They call the forts we make force fields! And at 5 and 7 they are having a harder time getting through their chair tunnels. I would love something big enough to grow with them and durable enough to last- the website shows that those are both possible!

  13. Mary Beth says

    Love that it has fabric clips and curved and different sized pieces…sets it apart from other sets I’ve seen. Very versatile.

  14. Christina Spencer says

    This is an amazing toy! I love the endless possibilities! I am homeschooling my daughter and have a few daycare kids. This would be fantastic on a rainy day or to add a little magic to the outdoors!

  15. Marina says

    Wow!!!! My boys would love this! We’re moving into out first house, and we’ll finally have the space to build things like this! It’s going to be awesome!

  16. Crysta Cole says

    This is awesome, My children would be busy for hours constructing wonderful things with Fort Magic! With their imaginations the opportunities are endless! I love it!

  17. Amanda says

    My 8 yr old loves to build with Legos and K’next….he would LOVE this fort building kit!!

  18. Bridget McNamara says

    I love that this is a family owned business! We seek them out for our learning and playing materials!

  19. Kathy Clark says

    This is such a fantastic toy!! I wen to the website and I loved the What’s New section that had all the examples of things you could build and what pieces are necessary etc.
    Hope we win!! My two girls (almost 9 and almost 6) would have a blast with this.

  20. Danielle Martin says

    Wow!! How totally cool! With 4 boys and 1 on the way, this would be most welcomed and treasured in our household :)

  21. Carrie Gould says

    Oh.my.word. my boys would Love this set. 382 pieces to pure magic. the idea book is great, too and will be the inspiration for my boys to take off with creations if their oen. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Alicia dorton says

    This is awesome! Mu boys we’d be so exhorted if we one. Especially with their birthdays coming up

  23. Sarah Marshall says

    I loved reading this article and couldn’t help thinking of all the things my 3 1/2 year old son and I could do with this kit! Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. Geni says

    My kids would go crazy over the submarine, fort, etc. We going through a building phase right now. (Bought magnatiles after your suggested activities were posted)

  25. Ellen Leuschner says

    I love that you can build different designs. We have a “pop up” castle, but it would be more fun to have so many options!

  26. Vanessa says

    This is awesome. I have 3 boys that always make forts out of anything and everything we own. This sure would make things a lot less messier..;) and a lot more fun for me.

  27. Aimee H says

    What a great joint activity for my 2 yr old and 3 1/2 yr old …it would be a big help getting through this endless winter!

  28. Lori Morrison-Contreras says

    My kids would love this! I have bought cheaper versions and they did not last very long and were hard to connect. This looks like a very solid, easy to us set that would last us many years.

  29. Karen says

    I think the curved parts make it extra special – so many possibilities for doors, windows, etc!

  30. Stephanie says

    This looks absolutely amazing! I love that it is completely open ended but that it also gives you plenty of ideas to choose from to get started (sometimes things can be a bit overwhelming if we don’t get a nudge in the right direction :) ). My daughter would love this and, to tell you the truth, I would too! :)

  31. Belinda leung says

    Wow, amazing product. I learned that they have a sale on right now. And that the kits are super complete, with everything you need to build all their demos on the site.

  32. Sarah says

    I loved building forts under our pull out couch when I was little. My girls have fun with forts as well. What a great kit!

  33. Nicole says

    I love all the plans that are included, yet the possibility for open-ended play is incredible.

  34. Ally Cohen says

    This looks like an amazing open-ended building kit! Reminds me of the “no Endz” set, especially on price. But I love the scarves!

  35. Renee Brown says

    I love the designs on the website. My daughter would love to build the castle and my son would love to build the airplane.

  36. Stephanie Morency says

    AARgh, matey! I just saw on the website that you can make a pirate ship – my daughter would LOVE this as she’s on a Jake and the Neverland Pirates kick lately! Such a great product to help build creativity and problem solving skills.

  37. Jennifer W says

    Love the idea. So simple to put together, yet so much fun to use. My girls would love this, though their older brothers would probably also enjoy a turn.

  38. Kari says

    My kids would both adore this. They have a fort kit from another company that is difficulty to work with (pieces come apart easily, too few pieces), but they still enjoy building with it. I especially like the curved pieces that can be integrated for windows, wheels, etc.

  39. says

    Loved the tip given by another Jennifer about how to cover the fort with paper- the rainbow is super cute! My daughter would really dig that.. as would my other two kiddos. What a neat product for kids and their imaginations!

  40. Amy says

    I love how one of the designs you can make is a race car! My son would absolutely LOVE making different forts with this kit. It’s fabulous!

  41. Alisa Sutherland says

    I really like that this would be an alternative to my four year old trying to make a fort with furniture and getting into some really scary situations. She LOVES making houses (and boats and trucks and castles…) and would really have a blast with something she could do herself, safely. Thank you for this opportunity!

  42. Judy Harvey says

    It was awesome to see all the options of things to make with the kit! Loved the site!

  43. Cathy says

    Looks amazing! We build forts with cushions, tables, buckets, etc… but this kit looks amazing and like it was meant to help spark creativity as well as encourage parents and kids to play together. By building big it looks like an adult could play inside, couch cushion forts aren’t great for that… ! :)

  44. Laura Murphey says

    I love that it is teacher and doctor approved! As a math/science teacher myself, I’m always looking for toys for my three boys that enhance their love of learning and promotes curiosity. The website and your blog make this seem like a huge win for kids! Would love to win one!!

  45. Suzanne Gustafson says

    I learned that you can make a water battle fort with the kits – I don’t know who would like that more – My son or my husband! :)

  46. Liz says

    I’ve seen Fort Magic before on other blogs and thought about getting a kit for my boys for Christmas. Now I wish we had so many lovely play silks to cover it with! What a beautiful submarine!!

    • Liz says

      Oops, I forgot to say what I learned on their website! I read an awesome Parent tip that suggested reinforcing the joints with small fabric scraps to make them sturdier around smaller kids. I know my rough an tumble boys would probably need those reinforcements!

  47. Holly says

    The curved pieces are what really make this magical, I think! Beautiful with the playsilks, too!

  48. meredith says

    wow, that is one cool fort-building set. i love all of the plans on the site, especially the playhouse and the car. thanks for the chance!

  49. Nicole says

    Love your ideas. Your site/life approach is so inspirational. Building forts is something we do almost daily so this would be amazing to add to the arsenal.

  50. Christine says

    Ah ha! I learned Fort Magic is the brain child of a mom!! Love to support momtrepreneurs!
    The curved poles make this product unique. :)

  51. Karen P says

    I learned that if you lose the booklet with instruction ideas that you can visit the website for instructions! Would love to win this for my 3 children ages 4, 6, and 8!

  52. says

    That is an incredible set. As I scrolled down the list of things that can be built I kept going “Lily would that” or “that would be her favorite” all the way down. I don’t know what she’d like the best.

  53. Vivian says

    I like that my older kids can participate in the construction AND play, oftentimes store-bought kits make forts too small for them to get into.

  54. Jenny Tackett says

    I love this set. Yes, it’s huge but so open ended and creative. I learned that I WANT ONE! :)
    Great for large groups and problem solving.
    Thanks for the contest!

  55. says

    Hey Jean! This is fantastic! Only, just the other day we just caught up to the cardboard pretend era and bought our first cardboard castle on clearance (a whole of $9CAD! lol), so I don’t see a purchase of one of these in our near future. I Do LOVE Your suggestion of splitting this with a neighbouring family!! Smarty!! Doesn’t mean we can’t WIN one ;D Following suit of our recent obsession, I’d have to say I love the Magic Fort Castle. Thank you for the inspiring look into your creations at home and frugal ideas for scarf purchases too :) Happy Weekend.

  56. Haruna says

    This is a wonderful imaginary play kit for children. There are so many different ways to creat with them. Also, combined with other items like fabrics will make it even more fun. my daughter would love to make a castle with them and wear her dress and do some more of pretend play. so exciting to imagine what she will creat with using different items!

  57. noreen says

    I really like that the forts are large enough to comfortably fit two (or more) children. I have 3 sons (18, 4, and 1) who would love to build/play in those forts!

    I was hoping that they might have a smaller (starter?) set that I could get them right away, and then step up to the bigger set eventually. Alas… maybe as they do more business they might make that a possibility.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Littleways says

    Wow – this is so amazing – my kids would have so much fun with this set! I looked and it is around $375 to buy in Canada – so way to steep for our budget at this time! We would love this set!

  59. Krista P says

    I love this – 382 pieces AND designs and ideas on their website! My daughter (and my husband and I) would use this for years to come!

  60. Susan says

    Wow, first off, thank you for this amazing opportunity! I love that their website encourages creativity with bed sheets as covers. They seem to want this to be accessible, even if the initial investment is expensive. What a fun and fabulous product!

  61. Rachel Casey says

    My boys have been wanting to build a fort with a tunnel and this would be the perfect kit for them to do so.

  62. Lisa Gallup says

    On the Magic Fort website I learned that we could build so many things….like a Castle, Pirate Ship, or a Riverboat!

  63. Lesia cormack says

    On the website I learned all the possibilities with a little imagination! My girls would LOVE this!

  64. Keira says

    This may literally be one of the coolest kids toys I’ve ever seen! It’s one I know ALL my children would like equally.

  65. Rachel Chang says

    I love how open-ended the design possibilities are! The fabric clips also seem like a well thought-out idea. My girls have never been into building with Legos and smaller things — they want to create a world they can physically get into!

  66. k. says

    Like the giveaway. Don’t like the new format very much, however. So time consuming I probably won’t comment/enter often.

  67. says

    Oh my, this is amazing! My son would love to have this fort (and maybe stop using the cushions from our couches a billion times a day, why do I even put them back?)! I didn’t know something like this kit even existed – thank you for sharing!

  68. April B says

    Such a brilliant concept. My kids adore building forts and we end up turning couches on the side and setting up stuff that probably isn’t the safest :). This would be amazing! Thank you for sharing this amazing company.

  69. Courtney B says

    Holy Smokes! This is AWESOME! Pricey, yes.. so I’ll add to my wishlist. My 3 kiddos love building forts out of furtniture, but they’re always disappointed with how small our structures are. I’m always worried about the couch cushions getting broken down. This looks like a perfect solution. Thank you for introducing your readers to this, and for the neat ideas on the play silks. Adding those to my list of craft projects.

  70. Nicole DeCrette says

    Looks amazing! My two (6.5 and 4.5) LOVE to build forts, but often get frustrated because we lack the things to build roofs or our sheet/blankets are too heavy and they collapse). What a great kit!

  71. Melanie Browning says

    I love how creative this set is. With four children, they can all get involved and build a fort or a castle or a submarine.

  72. Kari Wheatley says

    I love the versatility. And I’m sure my couch cushions would love the break from my daughter’s daily forts!

  73. Taryn says

    I love that this can be used inside and outside. With 7 growing boys I can only imagine the fun and creativity that would come from owning this!

  74. Annikat says

    This is awesome! My daughter would love to build a spaceshuttle since she wants to be an austronaut. Thanks for sharing.

  75. A Rogers says

    This kit got all 5 star reviews on amazon – you NEVER see that! This would be a great creative addition to our playroom… :)

  76. Sarah Conlan says

    We love building forts! Baby blankets and recieving blankets get a second life!

  77. nicole says

    One kit would be big enough for all three to play at once and something Daddy would enjoy right a long with them.

  78. Dani says

    This looks like such an amazing kit for us to have at our OT clinic! So many kids would benefit from having the chance to create something like this! It’s awesome!

  79. Michelle Canavan says

    I am surprised by the versatility of the fort magic kits- the quantity of pieces and the style (straight verses curved) in multiple lengths. It gives the child so many building options. My girls would love this.

  80. Vannessa C. says

    My kids would love this. They currently use under the table or between chairs as their hideout and fort area.

  81. says

    I’ve been going on and on about those and how we NEED them! The toddler here makes forts and crawls everywhere all the time (when she’s not climing…): this would be a dream come true for her!

  82. Amy says

    I love these! I heard about them about a year ago, and have went to the site several times. I love all the inspiration on their site of different ways people have used them. I love it that my son, who is 10, can still use this, and my daughter who is 6 would love it as well! They are always begging to do a fort! I had thought about this as a Christmas gift. I would LOVE to win this!

  83. Kelly B says

    I LOVE that this comes with design plans! What an awesome toy to encourage imagination!

  84. Tasha says

    What a great idea! I love all the variations of forts that can be built, its like a lego kit you can climb into. Would definitely need to invest in some great fabrics to cover, but I am definitely loving the possibilities of this! Very cool learning and imaginative activity for kids (and parents!).

  85. Steffanie says

    this is such a great idea for kids, especially during the winter! hope my kids are the lucky winners!

  86. Joanne Butler says

    OMG… This looks amazing. My 2 boys would be so ecstatic to have something like this. Castles, submarines, rocket ships and anything else you could imagine seems possible. What an amazing kit. If I don’t win this then I am going to have to scrape together $199. I know how happy this would make my kids.

  87. Ruth says

    Such a great toy that would last for many years for two growing girls. I LOVE that it has the fabric clips included!

  88. Allison S. says

    I love the variety of things this kit looks like it can make- perfect for my little builders! Oh my gosh, they would just have the most fun! We are always putting random things together to build things of all kinds!

  89. Megan says

    I like that the forts look much sturdier than a basic pillow fort and that there are different styles to choose from

  90. Juise says

    This is so cool! I have always pondered trying to put together a kit like this from the hardware store, but never managed it. ;) I love the great variety of plans they have available on their website, I imagine after building a few of those, you could make practically anything. ^_^

  91. Barb says

    I love this kit sooo much! It’s definitely going on my wish list and thank you for the opportunity to win one (HERE IN CANADA!). I checked out the website and learned how it all works. It makes more sense to know that there are connecters as well as fabric clips. A brilliant idea that my kids would be super excited about!
    Thanks again!

  92. jade says

    So many ideas already flowing for role playing and construction, my son and hubby would love this for their play. Till then its blankets over the tables and chairs :)

  93. Delilah says

    I learned you could build 101 different forts with the kit. The instructions look clear enough for my children to do on their own.

  94. says

    Wow, I went to the Fort Magic website, and I was amazed at how truly big this set is! Seeing all of the pieces laid out and counted was really surprising. I am sure all of my kids big and small would love this! There is so much they could build!

  95. Winnie says

    This is amazing! I like the versatility of this product, very well thought of. Would definitely get one for my daughter.

  96. Charlene W. says

    This is such a cool set! It really is huge and can be made into so many things. I liked the pictures submitted by families – especially the Ferris wheel someone made – complete with stuffed animals! Wouldn’t it be cool if they designed some freely moving or hinged parts? Let the kids make cars with wheels that spin?

  97. says

    Seriously amazing. Love how someone built a heart “chocolate box” and put their kiddies in it. :) Such amazing things you can build. My boys would love building rockets!!

  98. Birdiebee says

    My granddaughter’s would love the Fort Magic Castle as they all like to dress up like princesses.

  99. says

    Oh my gosh, this is one of the most fantastic construction toys I have EVER seen. How amazing. I love all the ideas/builds. I’m recommending this to my childs preschool. The teacher is a Finish guy who loves this type of free play.

  100. Megan S. says

    Wow, that’s amazing! My kids would love that – they’ve had so much fun with the straw connector set that you reviewed a while ago but this definitely takes it to a whole new level. My son would especially love the race car they show on the web site. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. says

    I LOVE their submarine. It is so fun to see children’s creativity. My son would love that. He’s always building forts. :) I went ot their website but it looked like there was only one product on it–the main fort building product. I love how you can snap on fabric to the outside, too. :)
    Sarah M

  102. Jenn A says

    Love everything about this – a family oriented company, easy for little ones to build, and awesome curved pieces!

  103. says

    I love the canoe design! How fun. Our first little one is due in June, and I am totally bookmarking this for a future purchase. How young do you think could handle this?

  104. Jessica says

    We build forts all the time and it’s so frustrating when one part falls or someone trips over a stool and the whole thing comes tumbling down. This all stays together, can be made larger or smaller to fit the space, and could even be left up in one part of a bedroom. Love this!

  105. Cheri says

    I loved the detailed instructions on how to pick the material, then cut, label and put it on. It makes the designs come alive!

  106. katie says

    where was this when we were trying to beat the winter blues? the possibilities are endless. loved looking at the customer photos and all the creative ways people built forts! what an awesome giveaway (as always)!

  107. Renee says

    What a great open ended imaginative play facilitator!! I am impressed by the website and how they have detailed pictures of the different fort designs too!

  108. keeslermom says

    We’ve tried this with PVC pipes, but they just fall apart as the kids build. I’d love to see my kids build with this set!

  109. Venita says

    I love all the plans and pictures on the website. I would never think of some of those ideas.

  110. Monica Kirkham says

    Oh my! There are so many things that you can make… cars, houses, castles, mansions, teepees… the possibilities seem endless. When I was a kid, we just had a blanket and some dresser drawers to tuck it in to keep our fort held up… this is awesome… I just might end up liking it more than the kids, ha!!

  111. CC says

    Looks fantastic! I especially like the curved pieces, which give you more building options. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. heidi says

    Wow! What a fantastic toy and much better than using our kitchen table as a fort. Endless possibilities for fun and creativity.

  113. mel says

    OMG OMG OMG!!! My boys would LOVE this! What a great concept, I could see my littlies having hours of fun creating. Just brilliant!!

  114. kathryn Fox says

    I think the tepee especially, would be great outside. Since the pieces appear to be plastic I would guess that is a way to play for those with small spaces?

  115. Olivia says

    I love that the kit includes everything you need to make all the designs. Plus the 30 day money back guarantee. I love it when a company stands behind their product like that.

  116. Chrysteana says

    I love this! I feel like other forts can get boring quick it’s so great that they make it easy to reshape the fort! How cool my daughter would live love love this! (So would her daddy and I) also, we have that owl vday bag it was too cute I had to get it ;)

  117. Nicky says

    I love the flexibility, size and creative possibilities. I think both my kids would get hours of imaginative play out of one of these.

  118. says

    One last thing…. love the clips to hold the fabric in place and comes with a storage bag. Also… learned they are available on Amazon for $199.99. Sorry. … got a little excited! My sensory boy would love this!

  119. joliene bush says

    I LOVE this. The space cruisers looks like a ton if fun for my space loving kids!

  120. Keri Greely says

    What an amazing product for open ended pretend play! This would be a huge hit in our home. I would love to see my sons’ imaginations at work with this fort building kit.

  121. Heather A says

    OMG! what a great kit! my daughter commandeers any box that comes in the house for building forts. She even negotiated some deal with her uncle for all his moving boxes when he moves to his new house. This kit would be much more friendly for our small house. What a fantastic idea for our imaginative builders!

  122. Pam says

    This looks amazing! It looks sturdy too! And the skills it could teach your child from imagination to architecture!

  123. Marie says

    My kids would love this! I think it’s something that they would do together without fighting! I think they would really enjoy the pirate ship that’s shown on the Fort Magic site.

  124. liz says

    Castles! Pirate ships! Submarines! Oh MY! Let the creativity begin and continue for HOURS! The possibilities seem endless with this product. Sure beats the old couch cushions and bedsheets I used to build forts as a kid!
    Would LOVE to see what my 3 kids come up with…

  125. Jodi Doeden says

    My girls would love this creative fort building set. I love the curved sections that allow for realistic play shapes. We love fort building and this would take it to a whole new level.

  126. Melissa says

    My boys love to build forts out of our furniture, but I need to be in a rare and special mood to help get all that together and supervise their building. This kit looks amazing and my boys would surely have more fort-building experiences! :-) I love that there are curved pieces since our usual creations are usually very boxy. I think the first design they’d want to make is that fantastic pirate ship! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  127. Kameron says

    I have a troop of little men here who would be ecstatic to have this kit! They already have such vivid imaginations when building and creating…something like this with so many variations would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  128. Crys says

    What a clever and amazing concept. This would make a certain wee girly in my house incredibly happy. Her daddy was very eager and impressed when I showed him as well!

  129. Miranda says

    I love that the company is run by a mother of two. :) I think this is awesomely amazing!

  130. michelle says

    Wow — what a kit! We love building things here — if we were lucky enough to win we would happily move our cardboard castle and rocket outside to make space for some imaginative fort building! :)
    It was fun to look through the photos of customers creations on the Fort Magic website — I especially liked the collection of photos of people “covering their forts with their own sheets and blankets.”

  131. Jessica says

    This is such a great kit! We recently moved out of state and into an apartment from a house in the country. With two boys, this kit would provide a great way to promote creative play. That’s what makes this kit so great: it encourages creative play with children to build forts of their own imagination, learning in the process, and developing their motor skills.

  132. Elaine Goh says

    I didn’t know they had curved pipes too! I thought you had just bent the straight ones on your own! Wow, this makes for a whole new dimension of unbridled creativity and imagination!

  133. Heather says

    This set is so awesome and we want one really badly, but it’s a bit out of our budget for now. My husband thinks it looks like the set is made from thin pvc pipes and he’s is wondering if he can put a kit together from pvc pipes and connectors he can buy at Home Depot. Not sure that would be much cheaper in the end, but he’s going to check it out at least. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  134. Stacey says

    Wow! I’m so impressed that the company put together so many options and clear building instructions. Not only would my 7 y.o. boy love this Fort Magic kit, but he and my almost 10 y.o. daughter would have hours of fun TOGETHER. I’d bet that my 13 y.o. daughter would love to “play” with it, too! She is very hands-on creative; I could see her using this for the stop-animation movie she’s making this summer. Thanks for bringing such a great product to our attention.
    Also, Fort Magic kits would be AMAZING additions to children’s museums or occupational therapy centers. Just a thought. :)
    Thanks again!

  135. Nicole B says

    This would be amazing for our long winters! And I love the endless possibilities, that it all packs into a storage bag that wouldn’t take up excessive space in a small rental home!

  136. Bonnie G. says

    I love all the ways this can be built, it’s flexibility, and how easy it is for the kids to build it themselves.

  137. Jessica H says

    This would be so much fun in our playroom! I’m a little surprised they don’t sell a smaller starter kit. Then you could get add-ons for birthdays, etc.

  138. Anne says

    Forts from found materials are wonderful, but the utter openness yet specificity in design that this allows is amazing. I’ll definitely have to get this eventually if we’re going to stay in northern weather.

  139. Sandra Amorim says

    You really do have the coolest job ever! I love this blog, so many fun things! I could see my kids building so many different things with this. I’ve had my eye on this kit for some time, but too pricey to ship overseas (we were in Belgium ) and I was unsure my don was ready for it. Now that I see Daphne using it, I’m sure my 5 yo would go to town with this.

  140. says

    what a wonderful giveaway!! my kids are just in the age of really making them all the time, love to see how deep they get into their games. Thanks for this blog!!

  141. Kris says

    I liked the website. One thing that I enjoyed was the different layouts for the different design. Its great. I love that kids both liked it–my kids are of similar age and its nice when they can find something to play together.

  142. Jenn says

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE this fort kit! I’m always on the hunt for creative toys that my kids would enjoy playing with together and this certainly fits the ticket. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  143. Lynda says

    This Build A Fort Kit looks amazing. It would be perfect for my twos classroom and would engage all the students in working together to build something, and then getting to play in it and use their imagination and social skills!

  144. Jessica Wyatt says

    I love how much easier it is to build a fort with this (and all the options and suggestions-love the pirate ship!). We moved all kinds of heavy furniture when we were younger! So not safe!

  145. Kim B says

    This is so cool! I love how I would be able to sit on my couch and watch my kids play with this instead of all my couch cushion…leaving me sitting on the flour :P

  146. Aly S says

    I’m even more intrigued by this now that I actually read through how it works. Our kids used to love play tents and tunnels, and they still love building forts, but it’s tough for them to do it on their own!

  147. Bari Dugan says

    This looks incredible! So fun for my grandchildren at “Camp Runamuck”. Oh the wonderful places we could build!

  148. Angela says

    This looks better than any kit we’ve checked out so far. Our 3 and 4 year old would both enjoy it for years to come.

  149. Michelle C says

    I learned the fort has curved pieces & fabric clips to create a variety of structures! Thanks for this giveaway!

  150. LauraC says

    My boys would love this… we have the connector straws, but they don’t hold up well under their rough play and they’re too lightweight for most of our blankets. This looks much more durable and BIG!! Great product idea.

  151. Tracie Trump says

    I love the magic castle! My niece Jill and nephew Johnny would have a blast with this!

  152. Sally says

    This toy looks sooo fun. It reminds me of an awesome (and discontinued) building toy that I had as a kid. My kids would LOVE this! And I would also get to use some of my large fabric scraps to decorate!

  153. Sarah says

    This is soooo super cool! My almost 3 year old’s imagination is blowing my mind everyday, I know she (and my 5 month old, eventually) would absolutely love this. I am amazed at all of the designs you can make from one kit–It is perfect for those ever changing ideas and scenarios my kiddo comes up with!

  154. Kaitlin says

    I loved everything! Mostly I loved that the material is light and easy to work with at any age. Saving up for one of these!

  155. Amanda Whitstine says

    I love the clips to help hold the blankets/sheets on. This would be amazing for my girls!

  156. Heather C says

    I liked how sturdy the pieces were. I’ve been eyeing another fort kit you’ve featured on your site before, but this one has really won me over.

  157. Juliane says

    My son and I looked at the fort kit and simultaneously came up with more ideas about what we would like to build. This looks awesome!

  158. Julia says

    I love the fabric clips – that is such a great idea! My husband especially would love building with this set with the kids!!

  159. Ebba says

    I read about Fort Magic in the comment section of your blog post about the straw building sets your daughter got for Christmas. I was intrigued by the straw set but knew it wouldn’t withstand the force of my 11 year old son. But I loved the idea of Fort Magic and reviews I read said it was sturdy. So I took the plunge and ordered it. I have *never* spent this much on a toy for my kids, but I knew it would be a great toy and worth the price. (I also priced out trying to do something similar myself with PVC pipes and that was far more costly excluding the essential fabric clips). My 7 year old twin girls and 11 year old boy love, love, love this. It’s awesome and I love to see them working collaboratively together to come up with new constructions or do something from the book. I just checked out the website, where it was nice to see more ideas for building and good instructional videos. I’d love to win a set to give to my nieces.

    This is an awesome toy, well worth the expense!

  160. Cindy W. says

    I love their mission statement and that their toys are designed to bring out creativity in children. Thank you for the giveaway.

  161. Michelle A says

    I can’t believe how many different setup options there are! Right now we’ve been using wardrobe boxes to build things (playhouses, the Titanic, etc), but this would be so much better – not to mention free up our garage from storing all those boxes!

  162. Jessica says

    I think this looks like the most wonderful fun! My two daughters and I would love to play with this set! I especially like the curved pieces and that we can literally Crete anything we can imagine. If we don’t win a set, it is definitely going to be on the holiday wish-list this year!

  163. Kristin says

    I love how easy it looks to connect and build. Our blanket and chair forts are always collapsing!

  164. Courtney says

    I learned that they have So many varieties of fort kits! My son would love the castle one!

  165. Cheryl says

    This fort system looks very sturdy even in the large models. We had the crazy fort system awhile ago, but we all found it hard to work. I love the idea of adding lights. The fabric clips are essential and I love that these are so easy to use. Thanks for your review and drawing my attention to the site.

  166. Steve says

    Aside from having seen this “live”, I am looking forward to building the mansion for my two little girls – hopefully over their beds :) What a brilliant idea!

  167. Pat says

    What a versatile building set. After looking at all the possibilities of what can be built I see how it would so helpful in creating a classroom environment for different themes and for the different interests of children. I was just trying to figure out how we could make a tepee outside…here is the answer!
    Love it.

  168. Heather N says

    I LOVE this concept. My daughter is always building “burrows” so she would use this every day. She is soooo creative and uses blankets, hair ties, clips, etc. to have burrows that sometimes cover the whole length of her bedroom. I think this type of activity is so vital for kids because it involves creativity, special reasoning, fine and gross motor skills and so much more. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  169. Laura C says

    This is awesome!! My girls would have a blast with this! They are always trying to drape blankets and sheets over the furniture to make ‘forts’. All of the possible forts are great, but I really liked the Fort Magic mission statement; Building Greatness In Children, One Fort At A Time. It is rewarding to see kids learn while playing! I hope I will be giving this to my girls real soon!

  170. says

    What an amazing, wonderful, open -ended tool /toy to watch the kids glow as they build their forts. I like that it allows them to use their own thoughts and creativity to put a fort together and that it can be ever-changing. My boys would love something like this. Thank you for the chance to win one. if we don’t win we will save our money for a future purchase! Do they ever offer discounts?

  171. says

    I hit the button before I was done with my comment. Sorry.

    What an amazing, wonderful, open -ended tool /toy to watch the kids glow as they build their forts. I like that it allows them to use their own thoughts and creativity to put a fort together and that it can be ever-changing.
    This product is valuable as it expands the child’s thought process for visual and hands on activities. It is a product that teaches as well. (planning, construction, math, shapes, size, etc). My boys would love something like this. Thank you for the chance to win one. if we don’t we will save our money for a future purchase! Do they ever offer discounts?

    I love that this was created by a mom!

  172. Kerry King says

    What a wonderful, creative play idea! There are so many things that can be built with Fort Magic that the creativity would go on for many years! What a great family activity!….but the kids can do it themselves too. I would love to win this for my grandchildren!!!! What fun we would have!!!!

  173. Krista Sanderson says

    Endless fort possibilites! What a great thing for the long winters! Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I love how many designs they have on their website that you can make with the kit! So fun! Carter would love making the Pirate Ship!

  175. Kim says

    I love all the different ideas and plans. My boys would flip out over the yellow submarine – “Yellow Submarine” is their current favorite song!

  176. Rona says

    I love the imaginative ideas on the website. My girls would love to make any of them, especially the teepee or the canoe.
    thanks for the chance of winning one of these!

  177. Tammi says

    I learned that there are many creative ways to setup your fort. I like the sea theme.
    Great giveaway!

  178. Siobhan says

    I love that the connection between making art and building forts is the planning, execution and completion of a project.
    A lifelong fort builder this is an amazing investment I only dreamed was real when I was a child!

  179. Mary says

    i learned that there is something new on my daughter’s birthday/christmas list ;) i learned that you can use all sorts of fabric/sheets to cover and that company even has cover patterns – cool :)

  180. Julia B says

    I love that this fort kit is so simple. And while I’m sure my kids would come up with their own ideas – the fort suggestions they have on the webpage are great!

  181. Jessica says

    I love the full warranty, and the open-ended play for all ages. It can be hard, sometimes, to find something the adults are as excited about as the kids!

  182. Caroline Bedard says

    What a seriously great toy! My kids would love this so much, and I the play silks look perfect. They are lightweight enough to be very easy to use. This is such a versatile and open-ended tool for children.

  183. Tanya says

    My daughter is in full-on Princess mode, so I’m sure the castle would be the first fort made in our house, but I love that they made a plane-with propeller. I really like all of the different possibilities!

  184. Alison says

    I was already on the website before I finished reading your post! I am SO impressed with how generous this set is! compared with other similar building kits available in our area, and with a similar pricetag, the Fort Magic kit has So many more possibilities! I love the professional appearance or the finished forts using their designs, however I can imagine that the older children would adore being able to create their own hideaways, and the littler ones too, with a little adult assistance. I’m actually considering what the possibilities are for professional use, as I work with young children, but as a renter in a small space I know my daughter would love to be able to have a pirate ship one week, a castle the next, a shop, or a secret reading nook, and all so easy to move to a new house!
    I think this has made it onto the ‘save-up-for-birthday’ list.
    I’m so glad you reviewed this product, please don’t forget to let us know how it holds up over time!!

  185. Alison says

    Actually, I wanted to add – after looking at the customer photos on the website, It is such an important toy for all children, but especially for our girls, to get involved in building for themselves. It can be hard to get girls interested in the design/build/engineering projects, and anything we can use to encourage that skill in our daughters is a wonderful thing. Did you see the Ferris Wheel? AMAZING!

  186. Amy Stonger says

    I loved the possibilities! There are so many combinations that I know my kids would have hours of fun!

  187. Kelly S says

    This set looks so awesome! My kids are always making forts around the house but their imaginations are constantly exceeding the amount of “fort supplies” we have (chairs, tables, etc) … problem solved with this set! I LOVE IT!!!

  188. nicki says

    LOVE THIS!! creative construction toys are so hard to find! I can see how this would engage some kids for hours!

  189. Kristina Simone says

    I loved making forts as a child! This would be an awesome gift for my daughter!

  190. Kim Pirnat says

    I am blown away by this product. I can not get over the possibilities. My kids would love this! I love the curved pieces–they give you so many more options!

  191. Jan Annis-Brown says

    The possibilities are endless. I imagine hours of fun with my grandchildren.

  192. Martha Kirouac says

    I love the curved pieces. We have tried to have fort kit with PVC but hard for little hands and the curved pieces give tons of new possibilities.

  193. Casey says

    Beats blankets slipping out from books on a bench below a banister. My baby would be beaming!

  194. Angie says

    These look super cool! And a lot sturdier for my rough and tumble boys than the straw building sets!

  195. Janet says

    My son would love this! We usually throw our silks at each other, or use the blue one for water and the green one for grass. It would be wonderful to have them hung as walls for the light to shine through.

  196. Mallori Nicewanner says

    This is so cool! My kids would absolutely love this! I love that the website has so many different designs and instructions to help you build different fort types!

  197. Tara Farhad says

    Love the clips that allow you to use what you already have! So cool! My kids would love this!

  198. sarah says

    This looks like an awesome kit. My 3 yr old loves for us to build forts and I’m running out of ideas. And my 8 yr old would love to create new ideas.

  199. says

    I would really love to spend the weekend building forts -and everything that comes to our heads- with my kids and my husband!!
    Cool post

  200. says

    Visiting fort magic’s website i’ve learned… how to build little wheels with 4 sticks and 5 connectors!

  201. A. P. says

    I’ve had my eye on Fort Magic for a while! I like that they have fabric clips included with their kit…it’s one of those small things that I would have never considered!

  202. Charis A says

    This looks fantastic. The minute my 5 yr old saw the pictures she began to ask me if we could make different things with it. She became very excited when I said yes!

  203. Donna B says

    My niece and nephew would love this. It’s so much better than covering up a table to make a fort!

  204. says

    I am not saying there are no new ideas left to be discovered. However, I *love* seeing the ideas from how many generations, like building a fort, keep coming back around. I don’t mean to brag, but I have a pretty sweet spot for this fort-building kit picked out already!

  205. Andie A says

    I love all the different ideas they give you, and how big the set is. Looks like great fun.

  206. Amanda Bradley says

    What I like about Fort Magic’s website is their New corner where it showcases various blogs and their reviews on the Fort Magic kit. I learned new ways to build and expand upon my set (if I win!). Plus, I also found new blogs to follow. : )

  207. Meaghan Sutherland says

    I had something similar to this as a child that got endless hours of play out of my brother and I. Oh the markets and lemonade stands we would make! I Have been looking for years for something like this for my children, I know they will have a blast! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  208. karen b. says

    LOVE the rocket ship kit — i have a 4-year-old who would go nuts over that one. it might even replace the three cardboard “rocket ships” currently parked in our living room. :)

  209. Amy Miller says

    My son would love this! I love the fact that it’s open ended, and the design ideas give you some great ways to get the most out of it. I have a feeling that we’d have a submarine, rocket, and a ship all on day one!

  210. Jenika says

    I love all of the ideas on their website – with directions and pictures. Can just picture my kids having a blast with these.

  211. Claire says

    Hi Jean,

    Ha ha! What an amazing thing Fort Magic is. I showed the site to my family; my 4 year old girl, being quite a traditionalist, liked the mansion or playhouse best, my husband preferred the submarine, my 14 year old son decided he would just transform his room into a mega den, and I Think I would probably build myself the pirate ship and sail off for some Mummy adventures and chocolate treasure. Sigh….
    Many thanks for bringing this piece of marvellous equipment to our attention. I’m going to find out if they are available her in the UK. What amazing worlds to build!
    With best wishes,

  212. TawndaM says

    This seems like a VERY awesome learning & imaginative toy! The days of tying a corner to the dresser & another to the bunk are OVER! This is SOOO much better! I can’t wait!

  213. Sarah Gold says

    I’m in love with the endless possibilities of what can be made. My son loves to create and build things and i can see hours of fun.

  214. Molly says

    This looks so awesome. Maybe I could get my micro builder to try something big with this. :)

  215. Sarah Gold says

    I love the endless possibilities of what can be made. My son loves to create and build things and i can see hours of fun!

  216. Angelle says

    I would love to do this with my little brother! He loves acting out stories and I bet he would enjoy constructing structures to go with his stories!

  217. Jesslyn says

    The fort looks fantastic! We love playing with blocks and it would be so much fun to do this on larger scale if we won the fort. It looks like such a great open-ended toy.

  218. cindy says

    The entry form wouldn’t let me post. I have an eight year old daughter who absolutely loves to pretend. She would adore this with the play silks which I am ordering tonight so we can dye them. And it would really be a hit when she has friends over. I’m so excited about this and love all the ideas for play.

  219. Carrie says

    I love love love the fabric clips. We just built a fort in a parlor during a snow week here, and we ripped holes in a bunch of sheets because we used clothes pins. I also love the ability to make shapes yet use open-ended designs.

  220. Susannah Marais says

    That is amazing! I’m thinking of all the fun my kids could have in the basement with this. Of course I’m a teacher as well, so I’m thinking of all the possibilities in the dramatic play area too. Wow. Great stuff!

  221. says

    This is so COOL! I’ve never seen anything like this before where you can build so many different designs. How clever! What I took from their site when I left it is that I want to play too!!! :)

  222. Brandy says

    What a magical invention! My children would spend hours making new structures/home. I would love to be entered!

  223. says

    These are amazing! My boys would love them. It’s fun when the kids can design and build their own spaces. Your photographs are gorgeous too!

  224. Tracey says

    So I went on to amazon to buy it, which is $50 off at the moment by the way so I couldn’t resist, and they won’t post to Australia! Any Idea how I can get one? I would love this for my boys!