Magnetic Tiles for Kids (Comparison and Photos)

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Magnetic Tiles in the window

I came across all these photos of the oh-so-colorful magnetic tiles in the window and had to share. This is from when the set of 100 Picasso Tiles I ordered had just arrived to supplement our set of 48 Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes from Discount School Supply from Discount School Supply and we were perhaps a bit giddy with the abundance of colorful magnetic shapes to play with.

(Also, Daphne was home sick that week and had lots of time to build and putter quietly with them.)

This is mostly gratuitous photo sharing.

If you want to learn more about magnet tiles for kids, see my previous two posts on the subject:

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Magnet Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids

As you can see our new Picasso Tiles play well with the more seasoned Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes.

Magnetic Tiles for Kids - Picasso Tiles vs Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes

The two brands are slightly different.  The Picasso Tiles are cheaper (I paid $69 for the set of 100 but the price is now up to $84.99 on Amazon—weird); the set from Discount School Supply is a bit sturdier (and priced at $49.99 for a set of 48 or $99.99 for a set of 100 pieces). Both seem to work equally well so far. There is also some variation in the tile shapes and sizes presented, but not a lot. The biggest difference seems to be that the set of Picasso Tiles comes with four extra large tiles which can be nice for building big. And that the magnets go all around the Building Brilliance set.

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  1. says

    I love these posts on magnetic tiles! I would love to get some for my almost 6 year old for her birthday, but I am located in New Brunswick, Canada. Do you know if there is a place you can get them in Canada? I think that the shipping is going to be really expensive ordering from the States! I have loved all your posts on ideas for creative play with these tiles. Thank you!

    • Barb says

      After these posts on magnetic tiles, I was inspired to order some for my 4 year old’s birthday. We’re also in Canada. I got a set of 100 from for about $120, which matched the price for the same size set on ebay.

  2. Casey says

    Do you know if these other brands will wok with our magnatiles? I want to buy a larger set but only if they are compatible. We keep large washers in the basket with the tiles for “decorating” around the magnetic parts. So fun!

    • says

      There are Magworld Tiles, and they are compatible with all magnetic tiles, and currently they are selling for $69.95. I bought my first set 3 weeks ago, and the colors and feel of the tiles are really nice.

  3. Betty Corbin says

    These are the best baby sitters you can find. Children will play and present the different designs they heave made. So proud of themselves and fun for the parents also as they play with their children. Fantastic .

  4. Patricia says

    Love this report. I live in London UK. My daughter’s birthday was 2 weeks ago. I wanted to buy the magna tiles (In UK there are not many options of this kind of smart toy). But similar as the comment you made, from one day to another in the same box went up £25 !!!

    In some stores here and in Spain told me that there is a problem with the first creator of the tiles *something regarding with the patent and the many copies in the market.

    I haven[t buy any yet because the prices are still going up….