40+ Printmaking Ideas for Kids

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40+ Printmaking Ideas for KidsPrintmaking allows kids to try out lots of different techniques and to see cause and effect in action more dramatically than with simply painting or drawing. They can use different paints and inks, try a variety of image transfer techniques, and print with and on just about anything.

Some Printmaking Ideas for Kids

Leaf and Flower Printing

Monoprinting for Kids

Styrofoam Printing

Mirror Image String Printing

Bubble Wrap Printing

Printing with Fruits and Vegetables

Printing with Toys and Wheels

Here are over 40 printmaking ideas to try with your children!

Our Favorite Printmaking Ideas for Kids

Printmaking for Kids  Printmaking for Kids  Monoprinting on Plexi Frame


Printing with Bubble Wrap  Watercolors and Saran Wrap  Printing with Yarn


Mirror Image String Prints with the Toddler Art Group


Nature Printmaking Ideas for Kids

Printmaking for Kids  Printmaking for Kids  Printmaking for Kids


Printmaking for Kids  Printmaking for Kids  Leaf Rubbing Stained Glass


Nature Printing Ideas (cont.)

Printmaking for Kids  Printmaking for Kids  Flower Prints in Sculpey and Playdough


Crayon Leaf Rubbings with Liquid Watercolors

Crayon Leaf Rubbings with Liquid Watercolors


Printing on Fabric

Printmaking for Kids  Printmaking for Kids  Doily Heart Print Shirt


Fern Print Tshirt  Fabric Transfer T-Shirts  Printmaking for Kids


Heart Doily Printed T-Shirts Redux 3 years later


More Printmaking Ideas for Kids

Texture Printing and Painting  Printing with Fruits and Vegetables  Printing on Canvas


Printmaking for Kids  Printmaking for Kids  Printing with Sponges


Printmaking for Kids  Printing Wrapping Paper with Playdough Tools  Potato Printing for Valentine's Day


Monoprinting on the Tabletop  Potato Printing with the Art Group 2  Stamped Salt Dough Ornaments


Watercolors and Saran Wrap with the Art Group  Mirror Image String Prints  Printing with Wheels


Thumbprint Art  Handprint Art to Music  Stamping Cookies


Happy Easter! (& An Image Transfer Easter Egg Decorating Idea)

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