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19 Dot Art Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
September 26, 2016

19 Dot Art Ideas for Kids to Try

This post contains affiliate links. In case you are looking for some dot art ideas to do with your kids, here are lots of them.

19 in total.

Maybe you’ve read The Dot by Peter Reynolds and want to create dot art to tie in with that inspiring book. Or maybe you’re studying pointillism or some other dot art The Dot Book Cover style and want to try something similar.

Or maybe you just want to make some fun art and try something new.

I put this round-up post together because I got excited about all the different dot art ideas I was thinking about after doing Q-tip pointillism with my kids the other day. I thought of the various ways we’ve made dot art in the past (with printing, painting, drawing, and even playdough) and all the fun dot art ideas I’ve seen around the web (Aboriginal dot painting, Kandinsky circles, and Lichtenstein-inspired pop art, among others).

19 Dot Art Ideas for Kids to Try

Dots are an effective and interesting art component and there are many ways to make them.

  • Drawing (with markers, crayons,  Do-a-Dot markers)
  • Painting (with Q-tips or brushes, big or small)
  • Printing (with bubble wrap, legos, muffin tins, or monoprinting with a cake pan)
  • Collage (with stickers, paper, pasta shapes, beans)
  • Rubbings (over a lego plate or a grill pan)
  • Poking (poke toothpicks into playdough or clay, for example)

So… If you want to dive into some dot art, try one of these ideas! And if you think of other fun ones, please leave a comment below the post!

19 Dot Art Ideas for Kids

Pointillism Art for Kids - with Q-tips and Watercolor Paint

Pointillism art with Q-tips and watercolors (or with tempera paint, especially if you want to try white on black, which looks great)

Large Scale Dot Art on Canvas

Dot art on canvas (large scale or small!)

Dot Art Ideas for Kids with Paper Plates

Use paper plates as the base for (many!) dot art ideas (on Tales from the Traveling Art Teacher)

Circle Art for Kids Inspired by The Dot

Circle art and printing inspired by The Dot

Kandinsky Circles Paper Collage

Kandinsky-inspired circle art with paper collage (on Happiness is Homemade)

Kandinsky Circles Felt Board

Or make a Kandisky circles felt board (on hello, Wonderful)

DIY Dot to Dots for Kids

DIY dot-to-dots for kids and by kids (we also made dot-to-dots with pointillism art)

Aboriginal Dot Art

Aboriginal dot painting (on The Artsy Fartsy Art Room)

Sticker Mandala Art for Kids

Sticker mandalas with circle stickers

Bubble Wrap Printing and Painting with Kids

Bubble wrap printing (or lego printing)

Muffin Tin Printing with Kids

Muffin tin printing

Lichtenstein Style Art for Kids

Lichtenstein-style art with circle stickers (on Pink Stripey Socks) or portraits with crayon dots (on Art Projects for Kids)

Playdough Fun with Mandalas, Color Mixing, and Earth Balls

Playdough balls and mandalas

Tie Dye Coffee Filters with Marker Dots

Tie dye coffee filters with marker dots (on Elementary Art Fun)

Dot Art for Kids with Hole Reinforcement Stickers

Art with hole reinforcement stickers (and here’s another one)

Dot to Dot Challenge Art Activity for Kids

Dot-t0-dot art challenge for kids

Hole Punch Art for Kids

Hole punch art and confetti art (on Learn with Play at Home Mom)

Art with Do a Dot Markers

Use Do-A-Dot markers or make dot art with regular markers and pens

Inspire your kids creativity with hole challenge drawing activities and papers

Hole drawings and paintings

That was a lot of dot art ideas! Are you ready to give one a try?

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19 Dot Art Ideas for Kids to Try

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