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Ask Me :: A Kids Book for Conversations

by Jean Van't Hul
June 22, 2010


We are loving this Ask Me book by Antje Damm! It’s small but thick—200 plus pages—with one provocative question and one interesting image on each double page spread.

Maia’s been requesting it every day lately and we’ve gone off on some interesting tangents based on the questions and her answers.

Here are a few of the illustrations and questions from inside the book ::


What do you wish you could do really well?


What special thing can you do with your hands?


If you were king or queen, what would you change?


What do you like to paint?

I thought Maia would use the picture as a prompt in answering the questions, but she only did that once.

Our copy of Ask Me is from the library and it looks like it’s no longer in print, but used copies are available on Amazon.


I recommend it!—especially for the preschool crowd.

Update :: There is a new version of this Ask Me book available now! So exciting—I just ordered it for my kids.

Any other ideas for thought-provoking, conversation-inducing children’s books? We’ve had so much fun with this one that I’d like to explore others.

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