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Easy Minion Crafts for Kids (for Despicable Me Fans)

by Jean Van't Hul
June 24, 2014

Make Your Own Minions Our house is being overrun by minions.

Remember when Maia said that Despicable Me was one of her favorite movies (during her very official interview)?

Well, she was especially taken by the minions.

The other day, when her friend Isaac was over, they were both in “make” mode and searched through the box of milk bottle caps and other bits and pieces that I save for craft projects. Then through the recycle bin to see what they could find there.

Coming across the yellow La Croix cans from my sparkling water addiction, Maia had the idea to use them to make minions.

And thus, the minion craft craze entered our house.

(And I didn’t even realize there was a minion craft craze!)

Minion Crafts for Kids - Making minions in the studio

Maia and Isaac made their first two minions, played with them, created MTDs (minion transportation devices) such as a pulley ride and one that involved a car towing a minion in a berry basket.

When Isaac had to go home, Maia continued to make even more minions.

Minion Crafts for Kids - little sister helping

For days.

4-year-old Daphne has been a willing understudy and has been making and playing minions along with Maia. Mostly because she wants to do anything her big sister is doing.

If you, too, have Despicable Me fans in your house, then they might like to make a few minions themselves.

How to Make Your Own Minions

Minion Crafts for Kids

Easy Minion Crafts for Kids

(or anyone who needs a minion)

By Maia, Age 8.75



Minion Crafts for Kids - drawing overalls

Step 1: First, you look at your empty fizzy water can and draw an outline of how high you want the minion’s overalls to be (see photo). Color in the overalls with the blue Sharpie marker.

Minion Crafts for Kids - draw eye and goggle

Step 2: Use a black Sharpie to draw an eyeball in the center of the milk bottle cap and outline the rim of the cap.

Minion Crafts for Kids - draw goggle strap

Step 3: Use clear tape or a hot glue gun to attach the white milk bottle cap to the center of the minion’s face (centered over the minion’s overall front) or use two side by side. Use the black Sharpie to draw the goggle strap around the minion’s head and also to draw the minion’s mouth.

Minion Crafts for Kids - Glue arms on

Step 4: Heat up the hot glue gun and then when it’s ready, put a line of glue along the top edge of the back of the overalls. Center a yellow pipe cleaner around the back of the minion and press to the line of hot glue, leaving the two ends of the pipe cleaner unattached to be the minion’s arms. Trim the arms with scissors if they are too long.

Minion Crafts for Kids - add hair

Step 5: (Optional) Add a few strands of hair to the top of the minion using a hot glue gun and black yarn or black pipe cleaner sections. If the hair seems a bit long, give your minion a haircut.

Minion Crafts for Kids - naming the minions

Step 6. Name your minion and write the name on the bottom (so you don’t forget).

Minion Crafts for Kids - Admire your minion

Step 7. Admire your minion.

Minion Crafts for Kids - Make more

Step 8. Make more! ‘Cause you can’t have just one minion!

Note: If you’re naming them and giving them identifying features and personalities, as Maia did, you might want to refer to this Who’s Who of the Minions graphic. We were just trying to remember names and characteristics at the beginning (and looking up a few online) but this handy graphic is great!

Minions in a Pulley

Our household minions have been played with quite a bit. Their flexible pipe cleaner arms are moved around to do and hold things. They have taken over the dollhouse, played in the sandbox, kept a minion-sized diary, worked at a minion-sized laptop (fashioned out of paper), sat on a minion-sized potty, and ridden in a variety of transportation devices (including a remote control car at Isaac’s house).

DIY minions pulled by toy car

Don’t you see why you need some minions for yourself?

Now go make your own minions and take over the world!

But wait! There’s more!

More Minion Crafts for Kids

After drafting this post I searched around a bit and was floored by how many minion crafts there are out there! These three especially caught my eye as being kid-friendly and fun. (Maia wants to make the Despicable Me fruit snack.)

More Minion Crafts for Kids

How about you? Is your family as into minions as mine? Enough to make some minion snacks and minion crafts?

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