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21 Geoboard Activities and Ideas for Kids (The Ultimate Guide!)

by Jean Van't Hul
August 30, 2017
21 Geoboard Activities for Kids - The Ultimate Guide

We’ve been exploring geoboards again lately. Making all kinds of geoboard art, mostly. But there are a lot more geoboard activities you can do, too.

In case you don’t know, geoboards rock. Seriously.

And the more I’ve looked into activities on the the internet, the more I’m convinced of this. I mean, Lite Brite geoboards? Hello!!

So, since I’ve been looking for geoboard activities and ideas for myself and my kids as well as my upcoming kids’ art class, I thought I’d share some fun ones with you, too.

The Ultimate Guide to Geoboard Activities

21 Geoboard Activities and Ideas for Kids

We’ll start with where to buy geoboards and how to make your own (there’s a wide variety of surfaces, pegs, and even bands you can use!). Then I’ll share some fun art and design ideas to try as well as some great math, science, and even literacy activities for the geoboard.


Geoboard Activities - Creating Pictures with the Rubber Bands

This post contains affiliate links. Where to Buy Geoboards

There are lots of geoboard sets available out there, small and big.

We use this set of six large (9 inch), double-sided geoboards and love them. The pegs are in a triangular formation on one side and square formation on the reverse. They come with rubber bands, although obviously you can also buy your own for cheap from most stores.

I’ve also recently purchased this set of small translucent rainbow geoboards and look forward to using them on the DIY light table and with the preschoolers in my art class.

How to Make Geoboards (7 Ways!)

You can make your own geoboards with a variety of surfaces and pegs:

Geoboard Activities - DIY Geoboards 1

1.) Foamcore + pushpins (on Babble Dabble Do)

2.) Wood + nails (on hellobee)

Geoboard Activities - DIY Geoboards 2

3.) Styrofoam + a variety of items  (on Picklebums)

4.) Styrofoam + golf tees & glow bands (on Meri Cherry)

Geoboard Activities - DIY Geoboards 3

5.) Pegboard + bolts (on Crayon Box Chronicles)

Geoboard Activities - DIY Geoboards 4

6.) Corkboard + pushpins (on An Everyday Story)

7.) Cardboard + buttons (by @acraftyliving on Instagram)

You can also try different “bands” on your finished geoboard:

Now that I’ve shared where to buy geoboards and more than a few tutorials for making your own, here is a whole list of geoboard activities to try.

6 Art & Design Geoboard Activities for Kids

Art and Design Geoboard Activities for Kids 1

1.) Create representational pictures with the rubber bands (on The Artful Parent)

2.) Make geometric configurations (on hello, Wonderful)

Art and Design Geoboard Activities for Kids 2

3.) Make abstract geoboard art with found objects (on Picklebums)

4.) String art geometry (on Babble Dabble Do)

Art and Design Geoboard Activities for Kids 3

5.) Use geoboards to make stars and snowflakes (on Little Bins for Little Hands)

6.) Heart art (on Little Bins for Little Hands)

6 Geoboard Activities for Math & Science

Math and Science Geoboard Activities for Kids 1

1.) Make constellation geoboards (on Babble Dabble Do)

2.) Learn about 3D shapes (on Maths with Geoboards)

Math and Science Geoboard Activities for Kids 2

3.) Learn how to create simple shapes (on How We Montessori)

4.) Create symmetrical snowflakes (on Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls)

Math and Science Geoboard Activities for Kids 3

5.) Learn about area and perimeter with geoboards (on Life Over C’s with printable recording sheet)

6.) Try these multiplication circles? (on Lemon Lime Adventures)

2 Geoboard Activities for Literacy

Geoboard Activities for Learning - Alphabet and Sequencing

1.) Practice number and letter sequencing (on An Everyday Story)

2.) Geoboard alphabet (by Cardboard Dad on PBS Kids)

How about you? Are you ready to give geoboards a try with your kids?

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21 Geoboard Activities and Ideas - The Ultimate Guide for Kids

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