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Preorder My NEW book! – Invitation to Draw: 99 Drawing Prompts to Inspire Kids Creativity

by Jean Van't Hul
March 15, 2021

Invitation to Draw is filled with 99 Drawing Prompts to inspire kids’ creativity. The perfect activity for quiet time, travel, waiting at doctor’s office or restaurants. Find out all the extra goodies that come when you preorder today. Think birthday & Christmas gifts for the kids in your life!

Invitation to Draw by Jean Van't Hul
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I have an exciting announcement! I have a new book coming out soon!

It’s totally different from my previous books and yet still all about kids’ art and creativity.

This time, I made a book of fun drawing prompts for kids called: Invitation to Draw: 99 Drawing Prompts to Inspire Kids’ Creativity

My New Book + Book Award

Invitation to Draw offers 99 open-ended drawing prompts, each one proposing a question to investigate that encourages children to free associate and problem solve. A blank cake provides the chance to decorate a dream confection, an empty house inspires stories about who lives there, and a grid of triangles supplies the chance to explore abstract art. What might be hiding in that tree? What sort of robot can you design? The possibilities are endless!

The drawing prompts are single-sided, printed on sturdy paper, and best of all, the perforated pages make it easy to tear out prompts for on-the-go activities or allowing multiple kids to draw at the same time!

2021 National Parenting Product Awards Winner

And guess what? Invitation to Draw won the NAPPA Awards Seal of Approval for Excellence! This is a prestigious parenting advocacy group that rates products for parents and children!

I’m so excited about this new activity book for kids! It’s literally one of the very easiest ways for you as a parent to foster your child’s creativity!

You can purchase a drawing activity book for each child, or just buy one for the whole family to use.

Why Drawing Prompts?

You know how big a fan I am of simple and open-ended drawing prompts. I’ve been making my own and offering them to my kids, their friends, and art classes for years. And writing about them on the blog and books.

Now, instead of making your own, you can simply offer a drawing prompt from Invitation to Draw, along with a marker or crayon, and watch as your child creates something new and unique. 

Drawing prompts are like magic!

Jean Van’t Hul

Drawing prompts help children draw and think more creatively by inspiring them with interesting and challenging art prompts and questions. Like those in the drawing prompts pictured below, from the book.

A selection of drawing prompts that you get when you preorder the Invitation to Draw book!
A selection of drawing prompts that you get to use with your kids NOW when you preorder the Invitation to Draw book!

How to Preorder Invitation to Draw

The book can be preordered where books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your local indie bookstore, and from Roost Books, my publisher:

And I have some special preorder bonus gifts for you!

pre-order gifts

If you preorder 1 copy of the Invitation to Draw book, you’ll receive:

  • 5 of the drawing prompts as a PDF download that you can use right now
  • 12 printable inspirational quotes for kids to print and hang in their room or art space 
  • A printable Just Add Art poster
Get our online Drawing Workshop for Kids as a bonus if you preorder 2 or more copies of Invitation to Draw!

If you preorder 2-5 copies, you’ll receive:

  • All the bonuses listed above, plus…
  • Our brand new kids’ Drawing Workshop with 10 drawing activities (as video tutorials) and 10 drawing prompts 

If you preorder 6 copies or more, you’ll receive:

Drawing prompts with frames for kids

How do you claim your preorder bonuses? 

Easy! After you place your order, simply visit our book pre-order landing page, upload your proof of purchase there and we’ll send them to you!

So preorder Invitation to Draw for your kids, for gifts, for teachers, then claim your bonus gifts!

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