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Create a Kids Craft Room that Gets Used!

by Jean Van't Hul
March 1, 2022

Create a kids craft room that will get used. Learn how to choose a location, make an art cart or caddy and get started creating with your kids!

Updated April 2022

I often get asked by friends where they should create an art space for their children. And you wouldn’t believe how simple the answer is!

kids painting at a table - kids art spaces

Create a Kids Craft Room that Gets Used

1. Choose the best space.

That’s right.

When setting up a kids art space, choose the space where everyone gravitates already. That might be: the kitchen table, the corner spot by the living room window, the ______(insert your own best space here) and find a way to make it an art space as well. Or to create an art space nearby.

Jean Van’t Hul

There are two main reasons why this is the best spot to create an art space for your children:

  • Children want to be where you are. Sure they have more independence than babies or toddlers, but they still gravitate to where the action and companionship is.
  • Children (adults, too!) want to be in an inviting atmosphere. If given the choice between the dark basement that is half turned over to storage and the light-filled sun room, where would you spend time?
art supply bookshelf

2. Don’t choose an unused space.

Sometimes when we decide to set up an art space for our children, we choose any currently unused space in the house.

I think that’s a mistake. Often that space is the least desirable and is unused for a reason.

If you are setting up an art space for your kids, you’re doing it because you want to encourage their art and creativity. You want to show them that you value creativity in general and their creativity specifically.

Jean Van’t Hul

Since you are going to a certain amount of time, effort, and expense to set up an art space, you want it to be used. Right?

So don’t choose the cast-off, unwanted space in the house.

cup of colored pencils

3. You can also set up an art outpost!

Another way to think about it is, where do your kids do their art now? Likely it’s a good candidate for at least an art outpost. Maybe its a space to pull up an art cart or keep an art caddy with basic materials – even if the kids have a more dedicated art space elsewhere.

Sure, it might be hard turning over your prime real estate to the kids’ art. But if you’re creating an art space at all, you’re doing it because you believe in the importance of creativity.

Choose an inviting space near the heart of the family action and it will actually be used.

Choose an unused, undesirable corner away from the action, and it likely won’t. It’s as simple as that.

kids working at easel

How about you? Will you share your experience with us? Do your kids have an art space? Where do they like to do their art?

Want more help creating a kids art space? Here are some resources to get you started…

Kids Art Room Resources

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