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13 Ways to Reuse Children’s Art

by Jean Van't Hul
January 1, 2023
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Reuse children’s art to create beautiful envelops, gift tags, paper chains and more! Here are 13 ways to start repurposing your kids’ artwork.

Updated January 2023

Some artwork lends itself well to being used for gift wrap, note cards, valentines, buntings, collages, book covers, etc. Think process-oriented art that filled the paper—finger painting, splatter painting, bubble printing, etc.

And maybe a few pieces went in the keep pile, but the kids loved the process and created artwork after artwork.

So, what to do with the rest? Here are some ideas to get help you get started!

Ideas to Reuse Children’s Art

homemade envelopes
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

1. Note cards

Think thank you cards, Christmas cards, birthday invitation cards, or even a gift set of note cards.

2. Envelopes

Not only can you use art for note cards, but also for the envelopes they’ll go in!

3. Ornaments

Cut painted paper into fun holiday shapes and use them to decorate your Christmas tree!

diy Kids-Art-book
Photo by Meri Cherry

4. Art books

These DIY art books for kids double as an art portfolio and are a wonderful way to store and display kids’ art.

5. DIY notebooks

If your kids love writing in notebooks as much as ours do, use their art for the cover of a DIY notebook. All you have to do is staple the covers to some plain or scrap paper.

6. Drawing prompts

Give your child a piece of their artwork and see what new drawing they can create from it. This is a great way to get the imagination going.

homemade wrapping paper
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

7. Gift wrap

If your kids like to paint big, have them fill large pieces of paper or rolls of easel paper. Then, use their masterpieces to wrap your next birthday gift.

8. Crafts

So many crafts can be made with recycled art papers. You can just substitute your own paper for whatever the craft calls for!

9. Gift tags

Use a hole punch and string to create gift tags from your children’s recycled artwork!

Photo by Joanna Pink

10. Collage

Reuse your kids’ art to create more art! Give them a stack of papers, scissors, and glue and let them create a new masterpiece with their old ones.

11. Placemats

If you have large pieces of art that you’d rather not cut up, laminate them to make placemats for the table.

12. Paper chains

Paper chains are pretty decorations, and a great tool to use when counting down to something exciting! Instead of using construction paper, reuse some pretty artwork for an extra special paper chain.

13. Garlands and buntings

It’s easy and fun to take all of those painted papers you have piling up and turn them into a festive bunting! 

artful bunting
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

How about you? What do you do with all the kids’ art? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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13 Ways to Reuse Children\'s Art

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