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How to Make DIY Wrapping Paper for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
September 20, 2021
homemade wrapping paper featured

Learn how to make DIY wrapping paper for kids with a rolling pin and foam stickers! A fun holiday craft project.

Updated October 2021

Have you tried making handmade wrapping paper with your kids?

We’ve done it quite a bit, with different techniques each time, and it’s always satisfying!

And it is extra special when you get to be creative with the gift wrap, regardless of what the gift inside the package is.

This project was inspired by a rolling pin stamp idea from Color Made Happy. And this post is part of a round-robin series by the Rockin’ Art Moms. At the end of the post you’ll find 7 more handmade wrapping paper ideas from other members!

Gift with DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY Wrapping Paper for Kids

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  1. Create a design on the roller

    You can do this two different ways:
    A. Wrap wax paper around the rolling pin and secure with tape. Adhere foam stickers to the wax paper in desired pattern.
    B. Press foam stickers on a cardboard tube in any pattern desired.

    Printmaking with Kids Using Foam Stickers on a Rolling Pin

  2. Lay down paper

    Tape down a piece of butcher paper or other large sheet of paper to your table or floor.

  3. Prepare your printing ink

    Next, squeeze a dollop of printing ink onto the acrylic box frame. Then use the paint roller to roll the ink around, creating an even and smooth layer of ink.
    Note: You can also use paint such as acrylic paint or BioColors, if that’s what you have. We’ve done it both ways. The ink works better as it’s stickier but the paint works okay, too.

    Printing Materials

  4. Coat the rolling pin with ink

    Roll the sticker-covered rolling pin over the inked surface a few times to coat the stickers with ink.

    Using the Rolling Pin to Make Wrapping Paper

  5. Roll and print your design

    Finally, roll the inked rolling pin over the butcher paper to print your designs and patterns.  Re-ink as necessary and continue printing with the roller until you’re happy with the way your wrapping paper looks.

    Let paper dry.
    Tip: Wash your box frame and trim roller ASAP to get the ink off.

    Handmade Wrapping Paper with Foam Stickers on Cardboard Tube

  6. Wrap your gifts!

    Now use your amazing new gift wrap to wrap your gifts!

    Gifts with Handmade Wrapping Paper

  7. Optional: Doodle!

    This step is optional (but fun). Doodle on the printed wrapping paper with pens or markers.

    We used Sharpie markers but any are fine.

    Use the printed designs as drawing prompts, as the beginnings of something else, or just doodle and draw to your heart’s content.

    Maias Snowflake Doodles

Want some more awesome handmade wrapping paper ideas? Check out these by the other Rockin’ Art Moms. 

DIY Gift Wrapping Rockin’ Art Mom Style

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How to Make DIY Wrapping Paper for Kids

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