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Create a Canvas Print from a Childs Masterpiece

by Jean Van't Hul
December 11, 2011

Transfer a Childs Artwork to Canvas

I finally hung something up in our not-so-newly painted bedroom! I’ve been enjoying the spare walls, but also wanted to only put artwork and decorations back up that were really special. I now have something seriously special and hung it up over the weekend. It’s Maia’s sun painting transfered from the poster board it was on to a proper canvas. I love it!!!

The canvas print version was created by MyPix2Canvas. When they offered to let me try out their service for free, I knew exactly which painting I wanted to preserve and display in this way—the sun I had commissioned Maia to paint.

Create a Canvas Print from a Childs Masterpiece

Transfering a Childs Artwork to Canvas

Here’s the canvas version and the original artwork together (the mirror image effect is because I hung one of them upside down and was too lazy to fix it). The poster board is 2 x 3 feet and the canvas is 16 x 20 inches and 1 1/2 inches deep.


The quality of the canvas reproduction is excellent. I love being able to still see Maia’s individual brushstrokes. (According to MyPix’s website, they have a background in fine art prints for artists.)


MyPix2Canvas offers four different edge wrap options—white, black, overwrap, and mirror wrap. As you can see, this one is white, and it’s actually the second canvas of Maia’s sun that I received from them. The first time I mistakenly asked for overwrap, not understanding how much of the original painting would be “wrapped” onto the sides (much of the suns rays and wonderful turquoise dots). Fortunately, they graciously offered to redo the canvas and sent the new one promptly. They also said they are working on an online preview screen so that customers can avoid my mistake by seeing how their artwork will look with each of the various edge wrap options.

Transfer Childs Artwork to Canvas

I am so happy with Maia’s sun on canvas! I’m already thinking of other artworks I’d like to have canvas prints made of next. Perhaps her House of Color

How about you? Do you have a child’s artwork (or photo) you’d like to put on a canvas? If so, there are many companies that will do this for you.

Canvas Print Services

Disclaimer: I was able to use MyPix2Canvas free of charge, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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Transfer Childs Artwork to Canvas


Leave a comment to this post by Tuesday, December 13th at 11:49 pm EST to enter to win an 11 x 16″ canvas print of your own. The winner will be selected by random number generator and announced Wednesday morning. Have an artwork in mind if you want to receive it by Christmas, because you’ll want to order promptly!

The random number generator selected #100 (first time ever for me), so Meagan Darrow wins the canvas print! Congrats, Meagan! I’ll send you an e-mail…

I would love to have one in my house to highlight my son’s gorgeous artwork! Thank you for the opportunity.

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