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The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids: The Ultimate Guide

by Jean Van't Hul
November 26, 2017

Hello, friends. Today I’m sharing some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

I don’t know about you, but I start keeping an eye out for good ideas early and squirreling away Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers as early as November. Sometimes earlier.

I’ve also been known to wait until the very last minute, too, but hey––I’m sure we’ve all been there.

For kids’ stockings, I like to include a mix of useful and fun gifts, Christmas candy, and art supplies.

Here are some extra-fun ideas… (with a few useful ones at the end to balance things out), along with a guide on how to fill your kids’ stockings this year.

1. Finger Lights! 

Finger Lights

Kids love to turn off all the lights and sneak around with these finger lights.  It’s much fun on those cold, winter nights when active play doesn’t need to end. There is also a gloved version for even more fun.

  1. Finger Lights, pack of 40
  2. Light Gloves

2. Fake Snow

This stuff is so much fun! (I wrote a post about it here if you want to learn more.) This Instant Snow Powder is fun, safe, and long-lasting. It is also great for some hands-on STEM learning too!

3. Cloth Frisbees

Great for playing indoors with less of a risk of breaking things.  Or stuff in your pocket and take wherever you go! These pocket discs are lightweight and can be folded up easily. Each one is hand crocheted and made to last.

4. Spinning Tops


Tops are ageless and provide fun for all ages. Bonus? They can also help with hand-eye coordination. Flip tops are best suited for children over the age of seven. They come in a set of four. Doodletops are good for children ages five and up and is the only top that can actually draw! The pens inside the doodletops have enough ink to doodle away for five football fields.

5. Hex Bugs

Hex Bugs

Have you seen Hex Bugs?  They pack a big punch for being so small and are quite entertaining to watch wiggle! You can also purchase the Hex Bugs Nano Space Cosmic Command Center as one of their gifts this year. It gives the kids a place to play with all their new Hex Bugs.

You can buy single Hex Bugs or get them in a five-pack.

6. Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets

Puppets inspire super fun storytelling for everyone! Here are a couple of fun options:

7. Stickers


We love these small, quality sticker books, but any stickers your kids would enjoy are fair game.

8. A Small Game

A Small Game

 Games are always fun, and these are just the right size to fit in a stocking.

  • Jacks:: Bridge the age gap with this classic game
  • Spot It!:: There are so many versions of this hit game now. If you have the original, you might want to check out some of the other fun options
  • Pixy Stix Pick Up Stix:: this game is good for the older kids. The sticks are designed to look like actual Pixie Stix

9. Art or Craft Material

These are always great stocking stuffers!

10. Joke Book for Kids

I’ve been working on this post of creative stocking stuffers for kids when I have a long list of other projects I should be working on. But I can’t help myself. Stockings are my favorite part about Christmas and always have been.

When I was a child, the bulging stockings filled with little gifts, candy, and even small practical items were so enticing and magical.

And as a parent, filling the stockings is my favorite part about Christmas.

Let’s get a bit more creative with the next set of fun stocking stuffer ideas for kids!

Drawing Tools for the Stocking

Drawing Tools for the Stocking

These woodland pencils are cute! There are also safari and arrow versions if you wanted to get a different set for each kid in the family.

My kids LOVE twig pencils for some reason. They think they are just the coolest.

Our rainbow pencil set is down to only one, and there is much arguing over that lone pencil, so fresh new rainbow pencils are going in everyone’s stocking!

These crazy crayons were similarly enticing to the kids at our art group.

crayons in fun shapes

We’ve always been big fans of crayons in fun shapes. You can never go wrong with crayons for toddlers in an egg shape or crayons shaped like dinosaurs and animals.

Smelly markers are awesome for a sensory kid. And what better than these Mr. Sketch scented washable markers that already come in fun Christmas packaging?

More Art Materials as Stocking Stuffers

sparkly watercolors

These sparkly watercolors are VERY satisfying to paint with!

Paper punch in your child’s favorite shape.

I usually throw in a few fun rolls of washi tape, one of our best-loved art materials.

Do you have a child who loves to draw on their body? These tattoo pens are perfect!

Giant pipe cleaners to create the best sculptures!

Stickers or googly eyes are always fun.

Creative Toys & Tools for Stockings

Creative Toys & Tools for Stockings
  • These magnet people are AWESOME. You can use them on their own, on the fridge, or together with magnet tiles.

More Fun Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Whoopee cushion

Whoopee cushion for loads of laughs.

Thehighest-bouncing ball ever!

A card game for family fun (Rat A Tat CatSleeping Queens, and Sushi Go are 3 of our favorites. Or if you want to be thematic, go for Holiday Spot-It.)

These hilarious animal poppers made for an all-out family war last year (with tons of sneaky giggling); I highly recommend them! The unicorn is our favorite, but there are a million different options.

Bath color tablets are always fun!

Now we are moving onto some last-minute stocking stuffer options for kids. Don’t worry. You aren’t the only one who may be frantically filling stockings. Not only will we share some of the best last-minute stocking stuffer ideas, but we will also share with you a brief guide to help take all the guesswork out of the stockings this year.

The Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer Shopping Guide

Stocking Stuffer Shopping Guide

Every year it’s the same. Mid-December rolls around, and I realize that the month has gotten away from me.

Between work, school events, and holiday parties, I’ve been too busy to do my holiday shopping and still have lots to do in the stocking stuffer and gift department. I always vow that next year (next year!), I will get it all together early, so this doesn’t happen again.

But for now, I give myself the task of finding the perfect stocking stuffer mix:

  • Creative
  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Fun
  • Small enough to fit in a stocking

If you’re in this last-minute boat with me, here’s the stocking stuffer guide for you. Plus, a printable checklist!

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Mix

Perfect Stocking Stuffer Mix

Note: This stocking stuffer guide is best for 4-10-year-olds.

Christmas Candy

2-3 assorted Christmas candy and snack items such as a large candy cane, foil-wrapped Christmas chocolates, Pez, a hot cocoa packet, snack-sized goldfish,  gum, etc.

Here are a few fun ideas for you to consider:

Games and Small Toys

Games and Small Toys

Small toys and games are all good stocking stuffer items to throw-in at the last minute too. In addition to the games we have already listed above, you can also consider adding in 2-5 of some of these:

Useful Items

fuzzy socks

2-5 small useful objects such as a fun toothbrush, fuzzy socks, a bath bomb, training chopsticks, erasers, pencils, a wet brush, hair accessories, silly straws, a kitchen tool such as a child-sized whisk or spatula. Just a few items the kids can use every day but can still get excited about when they see them in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Now that we have covered the essentials and have given you a ton of fun Christmas stocking stuffer ideas, let’s go a bit deeper into the younger age ranges to make things even easier.

For Little Kids – Preschool and Toddler Age

Need some last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for the little kids? Check out some of our recommendations below:

Flashlights – kids love playing with flashlights when we leave them lying around. So much so that we often have to go searching for them when we need them. So, why not get your toddler their own flashlight. One that will fit little hands and keep those hands off yours like the Melissa & Doug Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight.

What about something artsy to throw in there too. These OOKU washable crayons are fun as well as twistable and retractable and are good for toddlers and older kids alike.

This My Quiet Book is also a good choice and is good for sensory stimulation.

For Little Kids – Under One Year

Now let’s not forget the wee little ones in the family. Your one-year-old isn’t going to care much about present opening on Christmas day, but as a parent, it is something you are going to remember. So, why not throw a few items in Baby’s First Christmas Stocking?

So, there you have it. My definitive, last-minute stocking stuffer shopping and gift guide. And you know that I’m half tongue-in-cheek when I say that, right? But only half. By all means, add your own ideas or perfect mix in a comment below!

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So many fun stocking stuffers for kids! If you're looking for stocking stuffer ideas for kids, try these creative ideas including games, toys & art supplies.

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