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Rangoli Inspired Chalk Designs for Kids

by Rachel Withers
August 15, 2022
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Learn how to make chalk designs based on the Rangoli art tradition. Start with a simple grid of dots and draw a beautiful design. A great outdoor art activity that brings colorful chalk art to your doorstep!

We traveled to south India in 2011 to visit with my husband’s family. It was my first big adventure abroad, and I found art woven into every aspect of Indian culture. I was particularly drawn to the textiles & Rangoli chalk designs.

Photo by Rachel Withers

These designs can be simple (or very intricate) and new ones are drawn daily on the doorsteps of homes each morning and evening. (These symbolize the house is open for guests.)

Throughout the month of January, there are big competitions over these designs. (To learn more, search “rangoli” or “kolam”.)

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Photo by Rachel Withers

I am excited to share this activity with you. It’s a great one for bringing multi-generations together to create art. What could be better?

family drawing rangoli chalk designs
Photo by Rachel Withers

A big thanks to my mother in law, Gayathri Withers, for leading my family through this art activity & providing some history & background for it.

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Photo by Rachel Withers

Chalk Designs for Kids


  • Chalk
  • Printable with optional designs (see below)


Time needed: 20 minutes

  1. Practice chalk designs

    Print your free printable and practice the included designs on paper. Then take them outside and use for reference while trying it with chalk. woman drawing chalk designs

  2. Start small

    We started with the small designs (7 dots across) first. There are a number of designs that you can make with these. child and parent drawing chalk designs

  3. Trace over & color in

    After completing your chalk designs, try tracing over them to make them really pop! They also look beautiful when colored in as well. traced over chalk designs

  4. Experiment

    Once you get the hang of the basics, look up new design ideas online by searching “rangoli” or “kolam”. Or create your own chalk design! rangoli chalk drawings for kids

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If you’d like to give this project a try, grab your free printable with dot designs to try at home! You might try these on paper first with pencil to get the hang of it and then move outside with some chalk!

Photo by Rachel Withers

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Photo by Rachel Withers
Rangoli Inspired Chalk Designs for Kids
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