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Sky Color :: A Children’s Picture Book about Creativity

by Jean Van't Hul
January 16, 2013

Sky Color :: A Childrens picture book about creativity

This post contains affiliate links. Have you read Sky Color with your kids yet?

Peter Reynolds’ newest children’s picture book on creativity is about a young girl who is in charge of painting the sky in the class mural. When she notices that she is out of blue paint, she learns to think outside the stereotypical object-color identification system and really observe all the colors that the sky can be.

Riding home in the school bus, she sees the sky at sunset, bright with oranges and yellows.

The next day is rainy and the sky is decidedly not blue.

Sky Color by Peter Reynolds 6

Inspired by her observations as well as a vivid dream, she paints the mural sky as a riot of color.

Rather than a hindrance, the lack of blue in her paint box became the catalyst for creative growth. What an inspiring story for young artists!

We love Peter Reynolds’ books.

Sky Color has joined The Dot and Ish as favorites on our bookshelf.

(We bought ours separately, as they became available, but now you can also buy them as a  special Creatrilogy box set.)

I just took a look at Peter’s website and was touched by his “‘campaign’ to make the world a more creative place.” He says,

The next time you’re thinking about what gift to give someone, think of something that will encourage creativity. Whether it’s a blank journal or book on crafts, a set of watercolors or a guide to making films, a stationery set or a watercolor brush – let it be something that inspires expression. Children and grown up children need to be encouraged to consume less, and create more.

So true!

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