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How My Kids Use Their Straw Building Set

by Jean Van't Hul
January 30, 2013

My Kids Favorite Building Set

This post contains affiliate links. When I interviewed Maia the other day, she claimed her straw building set to be one of her favorite Christmas gifts. I thought I’d follow up and share a few of the structures she’s built with the straws as well as other things she’s done with them.

First, though, here’s a picture of the straw builders and connector pieces in their box ::

Writing with Straw Builders 2

The whole straw building set is quite compact and unassuming. A medium-sized cardboard box with, well, plastic straws. And little jacks-like connectors. Granted they are sturdy straws. But still, just straws.

But Oh, how many castles, houses, and other fun structures have been built with this set!

Using a Straw Building Set

Kids Straw Builders 3

Here is one house that Maia and Daphne (mostly Maia) built for their dolls, covering the top with playsilks and scarves (held on with clothespins) and outfitting the interior with a small rug and bed. There’s even a door!

Kids Straw Builders 4

Another day, Maia built this kitten castle (see the crenellation?) for Daphne, who was pretending to be a kitten. And then, when the kitten in question was taking her afternoon nap in her own bed, Maia did some reading in the cozy castle.

I could go on for a long time with all the various structures that have been built, including a hot air balloon, following the instructions provided with the Brilliant Straw Builders set. But here’s the latest use for the straws:

Writing with Straw Builders 1

Writing words! Daphne made a letter D and then Maia wrote both names out using the straws.

Reminds me of when Maia used to use pretzel sticks to write her name. And, of course, the straw builders are similar to the marshmallow and toothpick sculptures (and grape sculptures…) we love so much, but on a much bigger scale.

By the way, the straw building set is called either Roylco Straws and Connectors or Brilliant Builders, depending on where you buy them. And as building toys and construction sets go, I think it really is pretty brilliant. We have the 230 piece set and it has obviously been enough for some great building action. I’m itching to either get a second set or even splurging on the 705 piece set, though, just because of how much love and use it has received. Maia always wants to build higher and bigger but runs out of pieces. (On the other hand, a limited number of pieces has forced her to be creative in how she uses them…)

Where to buy the straw builders

You can buy the straw building sets on Amazon, if you like to shop there.

Here’s the 230 piece set and here’s the 705 piece set.

Or you can buy the Brilliant Builders from Discount School Supply (great if you’re placing an art supply order with them and want to get over the free-shipping threshold).

Here’s the 230 piece set and here’s the 705 piece set.

How about your family? What do your kids most like to build with?

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