Easter Egg Rocks :: A Fun Painting Idea for Kids!

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Easter Egg Rocks - Fun Easter Craft Idea for Kids

Yesterday we painted Easter egg rocks with our friends Dawn, Esmé, and Asher.

Dawn found the idea in our local Macaroni Kid activity guide. They apparently send out an e-mail newsletter compiling all the local kid activities for the week. I need to get on this list!

The idea was to paint egg shaped rocks with Easter colors and Easter designs…

Dawn brought over some mostly egg-shaped rocks that she had pre-painted with an initial coat of acrylic paint:





Easter Egg Rocks Painting Activity for Kids 3

We covered the art table with newspapers, put smocks and old t-shirts on the kids, set out more acrylic paints and some small paintbrushes and started painting.


…adding designs over the plain coat of paint.

Easter Egg Rocks Painting Activity for Kids 2

We had lots of fun with this easy rock painting activity!


Here’s Asher’s Easter egg rock and background art.

Easter Egg Rocks Painting Activity for Kids 1

Here are Maia’s Easter egg rocks

Easter Egg Rocks Painting Activity for Kids 4

And here are Esme’s Easter egg rocks (the top two) and Dawn’s rock (on the bottom).

I must have forgotten to photograph my own!

Painting rocks is always a fun activity for kids, whether in the name of Easter, or just because! Plus they’re extra durable and would be a fun addition to an Easter egg hunt or a spring nature table.

Today we’re boiling eggs and getting ready to decorate/dye/marble our Easter eggs.

Oh, and thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day (with beautiful spring weather!).

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  1. says

    Macaroni Kid is fantastic. They have newsletters for areas all over the country – I subscribe to two of them for the Seattle area. Besides being a great resource, each newsletter/mailing list is also coordinated by a local mom. I love it!

  2. says

    Painting rocks is a favorite activity for our kids at preschool.
    In fact, they love painting any natural object: sticks, logs, leaves, bark. These are all great fun too, and you can use the bark and leaves to make interesting prints.
    Another idea we have used is painting the bigger rocks in our playground – like the ones around flower beds. They look really pretty too!