DIY stickers and some artful ideas around the web

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I set these address labels aside to use for a label collage from MaryAnn's Art with Anything. But Maia wanted to use them to make her own stickers. Each label became a mini canvas for a small drawing.


These were worked on very diligently for some time. Most were drawn with a pen. Later, when a friend was over, they both decorated stickers with crayons.


And since stickers are meant to be worn on the body (right?), we all sported several for a while. Other stickers were used to decorate her animal stable, so I suppose she ended up doing the address label collage after all on her own terms.


And here are her animals, prancing in a meadow of playdough, with the decorated stable in the background.

I had some time to browse some of my favorite blogs last night, something I don't get to do as much as I would like these days. Here are a few of the wonderfully artful ideas I came across:

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    very cool – inspirational loop come full circle on the full moon. gotta love it. thanks for planting the initial seed. ;)

  2. says

    Great little stickers. I recently bought a bunch to entertain my kids while on a plane flight. You are right. I think I wore every single sticker. From my forehead to my shorts. :-) Love the idea of them making their own. Such a fun activity for little artists.