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How to Paint Stickers for Art on a Budget!

by Jean Van't Hul
June 27, 2012

Pick up a pack or two of inexpensive labels or stickers. Set out a watercolor palette for a simple invitation to paint.

Painting Stickers

I haven’t had a whole lot of time for creative projects with my kiddos in the last couple of days because of Jury Duty. But we did manage to squeeze in this easy and frugal activity—painting stickers from the stationery store (and then creating art with them).

Painting Stickers

We used cheap white hole reinforcement stickers, but you could use any white sticker from the stationery store. Circle or square price stickers. Address labels. Sticker sheets. Whatever

Painting Stickers

After painting stickers for a while, Maia realized that she could paint the stickers and use the sticker sheet as a stencil at the same time.

Painting Stickers

Which resulted in some interesting polka dotted artworks.

Painting Stickers

By the time Maia and Daphne tired of painting stickers, they had quite the pile of rainbow-colored hole reinforcement stickers as well as some rainbow address label stickers.

We let these dry overnight.

Painting Stickers

Their new stickers were first bought and sold a few times in their ongoing living room store before being used in any artmaking. Besides stickers, they were selling raisins, goldfish, and “cookies” (melted crayon rocks)

Painting Stickers

Maia used her stickers to create a couple of faces…

Painting Stickers

…as well as this colorful painted artwork. I don’t know if she’s planning on removing the stickers for a sticker resist (as we did with our Easter eggs) or if she’s planning on leaving them on. Either way, I think it’s pretty cool.

How about you? Do you have any stationery store stickers or address labels? Some watercolor paints? If so, you’re all set for a frugal and fun creative activity!

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