Chalkboard drawings

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You know this, but I love our chalkboard. Besides providing a surface for drawing big, it is a wonderful ever-changing focal point in our home.


I especially enjoy the layers of drawings on the chalkboard — Daphne's marks and scribbles, Maia's words and hearts and stars. It's time to wash it and start over, but I like the current look so much I had to take photos first.


And I'm starting to think about where else I can use chalkboard paint. Perhaps a table top or a wall in the office or (crazy idea!) paint the whole studio in chalkboard paint…

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Hello Jean,
    I’ve seen your chalkboard in several recent posts and it is exactly what I hope to put up in a few spaces in our white-walled apartment to break up all the white. Plus we’re a homeschooling family who leans towards unschooling project based learning and I know these would get a lot of use. Did I miss the post where you explain how you made the chalkboard? Could you please explain the process? Everyone seems to just add chalkboard paint to their walls and I can’t do that. I was thinking I would buy a large sheet of sheetrock and prime it and then add chalkboard paint. I’m wondering if that would work? Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Jen says

    Oh yes! We painted an entire kitchen wall with chalkboard paint and it is an incredible place for inspiration, family messages and art art art. My advice is to make sure you pick a room with alot of indoor light. When you go floor to ceiling on such a big space it can get dark so you need the balance. It’s fun to let the kids use step ladders tO get to those normally out Of reach spaces.

  3. says

    I primed the entire area under our kitchen bar/island (3 ft. x 8 ft.) with magnetic paint and then put chalkboard paint on top. My 3 year old has LOVED it. The only downside is the amount of chalkdust that settles–we have to sweep a lot. Previous to this project, we had just our office door in chalkboard paint. To Elizabeth…I think you can probably chalkboard paint almost any surface. Sheetrock may be heavy. You might want to try luan in a large frame that you could hang on the wall?

  4. AnnasBananas says

    I used chalkboard paint to paint out metal door that leads to our garage- I taped off/freehanded a decorative boarder so it would still be pretty and then went over it with basic black chalkboard paint. My girl is 14 months and she LOVES to draw on it- we leave messages on it for one another, or list chores and the bottom half is our daughters… I’m sure we’ll have to allocate more space the older she gets… You can also make your own custom tinted chalkboard paint:

  5. says

    Ooh, yes. Custom color chalkboard paint. I’ll have to make some of that. I had seen that link once before but didn’t pay too much attention to the how. But it looks like you just need to add some tile grout to any regular color paint to turn it into chalkboard paint! I’m so going to try that!

  6. says

    Yes, you can just paint a sheet of plywood or something with chalkboard paint and then hang it. Our chalkboard is a large framed photo I found at a yardsale — I just painted over the photo with a couple coats of the chalkboard paint.
    A few years ago I painted a 1/4 inch thick square board with chalkboard paint and mounted it in Maia’s room. Here’s the post: If you do that, you might want to sand the wood first so it’s smooth. I like the chalkboard, but it’s not as smooth as I would like.

  7. Maria says

    We have our (wooden) eat-at kitchen counter chalkboard painted, and also the top of the little table (really getting outgrown now). It is so much fun! We need to repaint both though, because they are getting chipped and the table is getting covered with glitter glue and other remnants of various projects.

  8. Alex says

    We have a large wall next to the kitchen in black. It looks great with slate floors. Also the wall in front of the master toilet, which is lots of fun.
    Rustoleum makes colored paint but it jut totally failed for us. After 5 coats the blue was still blotchy. There’s some higher end color stuff you can get but you’d have to google it. Flickr has a chalkboard paint group you can look at to see what other people have done.

  9. Elizabeth says

    I’ve never heard of luan…I’ll have to check that out. Do you find it at hardware stores like Home Depot? I also like Jean’s idea of using an old framed picture. My only concern with the surface is making sure you can actually write on the chalkboard. You can’t even write on the chalkboard portion of our Melissa and Doug easel…the kid’s get so frustrated. I also love the idea of mixing it up with magnetic paint. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Elizabeth says

    Oh my goodness! You can actually use any color of paint for your chalkboard using that Martha Stewart tutorial…very cool!

  11. Julie Ruch says

    Jean- I love the little bag/envelope thing you have hanging beside the kids table in the kitchen. Is that something you made? We have a kids table in our kitchen and there are always crayons, paper, glue, etc. stacking up everywhere so your idea looks appealing. Thanks!