A pillow decorated with Sharpies

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One of Maia’s long-time friends (from the original toddler art group!) turned five this past weekend, and as a gift Maia and I made her a special pillow.

Maia decorated a piece of muslin with her colorful symbols and designs using Sharpie permanent markers.


There are those spirals and hearts again! She’s also started drawing lots of stars and included musical notes as well.

I had ironed some freezer paper onto the back of the fabric which helped stabilize it and keep the permanent marker off the table (since it’s obviously so pristine, right?!).


I sewed her decorated fabric into a pillow case and added a throw pillow. I want one of these!


We wrapped it up and added one of Maia’s “cards” (a full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of construction paper) decorated with sequins.

How do you like our use of colored masking tape? I imagine if I had some Washi tape, this is what I would do with it — use it for decorating packages and gifts and such. But instead we have several colors of masking tape which may be more mundane but works beautifully for gifts just the same (I used a fair amount at Christmas).

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  1. says

    This is wonderful. What a special gift. I did something similar with my 18month old. He painted some calico fabric and then I stitched them up into library bags for his little friends for Christmas. They turned out so great. I think I will definitely be making some of these – I do have a real soft spot for cushions

  2. says

    What a lovely gift to make and give :)
    I wish I could find this ‘freezer paper’ in Australia! There was something I wanted to do with it (my brain isn’t remembering what at this very minute….I remember! T’shirt stenciling!)

  3. Lisa says

    Great idea, thanks for sharing!
    Since you mentioned masking tape and washi tape, I just wanted to share our project of decorating masking tape with paint and glitter glue…. SO FUN! My 3-year old thinks so too! ;)
    We cover a piece of cardboard with wax paper (freezer paper would work well too), and then stick strips of masking tape to the wax paper. Then my little one goes ahead painting and/or using glitter glue on top of the tape (and sometimes doesn’t just focus on the tape but paints the entire sheet of wax paper).
    The tempera paint from discount school supply adheres to the tape well and we’ve used paint brushes, sponges or fingers. The glitter glue was also from DSS. I mention DSS because we bought the paint and glitter glue after seeing you use it or recommend it in a post.
    We’ve made several batches in various colors in the last few months (much holiday themed) and then use it to tape pictures and notes to the refrigerator, lunch box, walls, etc. and also to decorate presents and cards.
    It’s harder to tear the tape once decorated so I usually cut it with scissors. I wish I could attach a picture to the comments. :)

  4. says

    For this project, you could just stretch the fabric taut and tape it down — maybe put some paper or cardboard underneath to protect from bleedthrough. Freezer paper is great for t-shirt stencils, but I’ve heard contact paper works okay too.