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3 Fun Activities for Kids in Quarantine at Home

by Catalina Gutierrez
April 30, 2020

Catalina of Red Violet Studio shares 3 art and play activities for kids. These are so fun and will surely inspire connection through creativity as a family.

Today is a beautiful day because I am healthy and next to the 3 people I enjoy being around the most: my boys and my husband.  Every morning I wake up to this reminder.

When I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I repeat this to myself over and over again, like a mantra.  It never crossed my mind that we might go through a situation anywhere near what we are experiencing right now; filled with uncertainty and fear, but at the same time with so much hope.   

The kids have been at home 24/7 for over 5 weeks now and this has definitely been an interesting situation. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love hanging out with my kids and they are at really fun ages too (7 & 9).

But I’m not going to lie, there are challenges that come with the whole “quarantine with kids” package. We are no exception, but have tried to make the best out of these awkward, never-ending days. 

On the bright side, we now have figured out a routine that works for us all. Mornings are pretty much spent in remote learning mode, and sometimes we are able to squeeze in a little exercise or dancing session.

After lunch and quiet time (ideally a time to read, but in real life all they do is LEGO), I try to set up a fun and easy invitation for them to play or create. It’s not necessarily fancy nor does it require a lot of set up or planning. I have found simple activities help the boys feel at ease and give them a sense of normalcy within so much chaos.  

Even though we live in a small condo, that hasn’t stopped us from including some “outdoorsy” activities in our routine. Especially to get the boys out on the balcony for some much needed Vitamin D.  So don’t let the –no backyard- card stop you! Here are 3 of our favorite activities from this past month.

Heads Up! Catalina has a brand new art & play guide for kids available for purchase on her website. The “Creative Lifesaver” (available in English or Spanish) includes 7 fun sensory activities for kids drawing on her teaching experience over the last 9 years at her mobile studio in Miami, Florida.

3 Fun Art & Play Activities for Kids

1. Spray Bottle Painting T-shirt Activity

Oh, this was so playful and fun! Simply fill as many spray bottles as you can find with water and add a small squirt of liquid watercolors (or any kind of paint).

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Make sure everyone wears white t-shirts and let the excitement begin! Chase and spray each other, to the rhythm of a funky playlist in the background.  


This will probably be one of the most memorable experiences of this weird time, especially if you get your own t-shirt on with your kids and join in the fun! I know we had a blast, can you tell?

2. Inflatable Donuts & Shaving Cream

This makes for one of the coolest sensory art experiences of all times! Bring out those inflatable lifesavers (we nailed ours at Target for $5 for a box of 4) and it was sooo worth it!

We have done so much with these already! Place them on top of a plastic tablecloth or drop cloth (or if you have a backyard, just lay them on the grass or floor).  

Pour some shaving cream into bowls and color with food coloring, liquid watercolors or just about any paint and mix well.

In a separate bowl place some cut up colored paper as if it were confetti or sprinkles. If available, fill some squeeze bottles with watered down paint (this will be the “syrups”) and set the supplies around the inflatable donuts.

I gave the kids no instructions but rather let them lead the way in creating their own donuts using all of the supplies. They enjoyed it so much!

*If you don’t have inflatable donuts, just cut a huge donut out of some cardboard, and voila!

3. A Pool-less Pool Party

No pool? No problem!  It doesn’t matter if you have a backyard or not, maybe you have a balcony or hey, a space in your kitchen works too!

Bring out one of those big boxes (the ones usually kept under the bed or that store kids toys). Any large, shallow box works.

Have some towels around, a good Bob Marley playlist, some drinks and snacks and let the no pool pool party begin! And hey, don’t forget to wear bathing suit!

We did this on our balcony, with the sun still out and it was pure magic! The kids loved it and really got to chill and connect in an unexpected setting.

I hope you give these fun art & play activities for kids a shot! They will sure give you a break while the kids have some fun! And remember to relax, and do whatever works for you and your family in these times. That’s all that matters right now! 

Don’t forget to check out Catalina’s amazing art & play activity guide for kids!

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