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100 Summer Crafts & Activities for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
April 1, 2021

Here are lots of fun summer crafts and activities to keep the kids engaged all summer long! This list includes arts and craft ideas, fun science, and more!

running through the sprinkler

Updated May 2021

Summertime, and the livin’s easy… I love summer because of the tank top weather, the profusion of natural life all around us, the unscheduled days, and the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables (fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes from the garden!).

To me, summer means hiking, beach trips, nature art, water play, and all kinds of fun summer crafts.

Today, I’m sharing lots of summer crafts and activities to help you sail through the summer months with a little more ease and a lot more fun and creativity.

Let’s hope there’s plenty of unscheduled free time for pure play and creative expression, but we all know that’s best balanced with a few good activities up our sleeves.

So here’s a list of awesome summer crafts, art projects that are perfect for summer, and other summer activities for you and your family to pick and choose from all summer long.

Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

There are a lot of good ones here! Choose a couple to try now and bookmark this page for when you’re ready for another summer craft idea or activity for the kids. Happy summer and happy artful parenting!

hanging a melted bead suncatcher

Summer Crafts for Kids

1. Try some melted bead suncatchers

2. Make your own beaded bubble wands

3. Make this butterfly craft using watercolors and rubbing alcohol

4. Fashion fruit necklaces (edible jewelry!)

5. Explore melting crayons on rocks (if you haven’t tried this yet, you must! So fun, plus they make great gifts and decorations)

6. Make beaded garden ornaments

7. Use flowers and leaves to make butterflies, birds, and faces with this flower suncatcher craft

making a seashell mandala

Summer Crafts for Kids Continued…

8-18. If you’re headed to the beach, make sure to try some of these 10 ocean crafts for kids!

19. Bring extra shells home to make melted crayon sea shells (the bead “pearls” inside are extra fun)

20. Explore the world of tie dye with simple silk scarves (or go all out with T-shirts)

21. Make painted rock houses for your garden or for pretend play

22. Make and decorate colorful paper twirlers and spinners

23. Learn how to make garden wish flags

24. Dye pasta into fun colors and use it to make colorful pasta jewelry

25. Make a God’s Eye (or Ojo de Dios) weaving  (on Art Bar Blog)

ice cream cone art and summer crafts

Summer Art Activities for Kids

Here are a few of kids’ art activities with summer themes:

26. This ice cream art is an easy printmaking activity for kids

27. Butterfly symmetry paintings are simple yet so much fun!

28. Try some edible art! Make grape and toothpick sculptures (and then eat them!)

A cardboard tunnel and ramp setup for painting with wheels for kids art activity

Summer is also the perfect time to try some fun, but messy, action art activities in the backyard or local park.

29. Drive your toy cars and trucks in some paint for some fun action art!

30. Blow painting with straws

31. Bubble printing with bubble snakes

32. Splat painting (SO much fun!)

33. Splatter painting like Jackson Pollock

An ice sculpture formed with the salt melting ice technique

Science Experiments Perfect for Summer

34. Try the melting ice science experiment with salt and color

35. Raise butterflies from caterpillars, then release them into nature

36. Experiment with goop. Here are 13 super fun things to do with Oobleck

37. Send the kids outside to make their own fizzy glitter potions (a super fun sensory play idea!)

38-52. 14 of the best kids’ science experiments to try at home (make a baking soda volcano! try the geometric bubbles!)

bubble wands with beads

A Few MORE Summer Activities for Kids

53. Blow bubbles! Here’s how to make homemade bubbles

54. Build (and paint) your own backyard playhouse

55. Make your own obstacle course (or host your own backyard Olympics!)

56. Water play! For example, slide on a Slip ‘n Slide (or your own DIY version)

57. Play fun DIY outdoor games with rocks

water play for summer crafts and fun

Even More Summer Fun Ideas for Kids:

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