How to Make Parenting Easier and More Fun
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How to Make Parenting Easier (the fun way)

Want to make parenting easier and family life more fun? Learn to use art as part of your parenting toolkit to improve family life and foster kids’ creativity.

Art Makes Parenting Easier and More Fun

Art can make parenting easier.

And art can make you a better parent.

I swear it’s true.

I’m not talking about turning your home into a paint-splattered studio. Although that might be an interesting experiment.

I’m talking about making art and creativity a bigger part of your family life. Even just a tiny bit bigger.

I’m talking about using art at transition times during the day to make them go more smoothly.

Happy kid, happy parent.

I’m talking about using simple art invitations to engage your child’s creativity and development.  

You don’t have to rely on expensive subscription boxes or complicated kits.

I’m talking about setting up an art space that your child can use to doodle, create, and build whenever inspiration strikes.

Creative confidence grows over time.

I’m talking about playing a simple back-and-forth drawing game together while waiting for your food to arrive at the restaurant.

Giving your family the gift of creative connection can happen in small pockets of time.

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A simple way to make parenting easier and family life more fun. Learn to use art as part of your parenting toolkit to improve family life & foster kids' creativity. #parenting #creativehome #kidsart #artsandcrafts #kidsactivities #artforkids

How to Make Parenting Easier (the fun way)


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    Tom Evans
    June 28, 2018 at 6:32 am

    Art can make parenting easy as well as making art to achieve a smart home. This is really great, thanks for sharing! Check out my blog post on smart home. I think you’ll love it!!

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    Lakisha at mamawonder
    July 10, 2018 at 2:25 am

    Wonderful blog post! Kids can be excellent sources of wisdom and knowledge if you just will take to heart what they are trying to say. They can show you how to enjoy the life that you are living, how to laugh without fear of someone laughing back, and how to simply love life in general. I think that if we would just take the time to watch our kids, we could learn a whole lot from them about the way that life is actually meant to be lived and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing it.

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