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Christmas in October

by Jean Van't Hul
October 26, 2012

It’s Christmas in our house.

You know how we all grumble that the stores start selling Christmas decorations earlier and earlier each year? Well, it’s kinda like that in my house. It’s not even Halloween yet and we’ve been making gingerbread houses, paper chains, and Christmas tree ornaments.

Totally crazy, right?


I haven’t heard any grumbles from household members though. Harry just looks at it all in amusement, but Maia and Daphne (and the other kiddos who visit) are loving all the Christmas-y creating and decorating.


I’m in the final throes of the first draft of my winter crafts ebook, the second in The Artful Year ebook series. Which is why my house looks like Christmas in October (with some New Year’s and Valentine’s Day decorations thrown in for good measure) and which is why you haven’t heard from me in a few days.


Creating these ebooks is time intensive and so much work but it’s work that I LOVE. Really, really love. 

Coming up with ideas, testing them, discarding some and refining others, creating with the wonderful help of my kiddos and their friends, taking photographs, and putting it all into a visually pleasing and informational book form—I love it all.


I’m trying to get this first draft finished this weekend and these last few days are especially intensive as I try to get it all done. (It’s funny how self-imposed deadlines seem to carry just as much weight as external ones.)


In a few days we’ll put away all the Christmas and New Year’s decorations for a while so we can focus on Halloween costumes, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating. 

But for now, Christmas is in full swing here.

(If you’ve sent me an e-mail or left a comment in the last few days, I will try to respond soon…)

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