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Daphne’s New Wood Kitchen (A Love Affair)

by Jean Van't Hul
October 17, 2012

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 31

Daphne has a new wood play kitchen that she cooks at every day, multiple times a day. She loves her little kitchen and feels sorry for me that I don't have one just like hers, but my size. She asks if we should get one for me, too. Don't I want one?

And when I tell her that I can cook just fine in the kitchen I have, she looks at me with gentle pity in her eyes. She knows she has the better deal.

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 26

We had been wanting a wood kitchen for a while as Daphne gravitated to the kids' play stoves everywhere we went. So, I looked around at all the options out there and kept coming back to this wood kitchen sold by Pure Play Kids (one of my blog sponsors). I really liked the natural wood look as well as the proportions and style and knew that Daphne would totally dig all the features—the shelf, the sink, the burners, the cupboard/oven. Buying it for Daphne's birthday last month was a splurge, but well worth it. 

As promised a while back, here's a full tour of the kitchen and her various kitchen tools and foods… 

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 16

Here Daphne has eggs cooking in the frying pan on the front burner and oatmeal in the pot on the back burner. The burner knobs all turn, which is important when you're cooking up a storm. The faucet and the sink handles turn as well.

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 12

The entire kitchen is the perfect size for Daphne at three. The stovetop is waist height and she can easily reach her kitchen tools and food items stored along the top shelf.

The market basket you see beside the kitchen is full of Maia's old wooden Melissa and Doug fruits and vegetables.

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 02

The little wooden acorns are often served as snacks (or sorted into different bowls). They are one of Daphne's favorite "foods." 

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 08

Her absolute top favorite, though, to cook and serve is the wool felt oatmeal and wooden blueberries that came in the wooden canister above with a little wooden scoop (the rest of the oatmeal must be cooking at the moment…).

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 05

This stack of colorful wooden bowls gets used all the time for serving eggs, cherries,  oatmeal, everything.

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 33

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 35

The blue and brown eggs are pretty awesome. I bought them, along with many of the other play food items shown, from Apple n Amos, but don't see them listed in their etsy shop at the moment (I do see some natural wooden eggs). (They add new things all the time, so if you want the eggs or oatmeal or something, I'd suggest checking back or contacting them…)

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 04

The oven/cupboard is both where Daphne bakes as well as where she stores extra pots and dishes…

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 19

Kids Wood Play Kitchen 01

So you can see why Daphne loves her little kitchen so much and why she thinks everyone should have the very same one. It's pretty special.

P.S. This isn't an official review or anything and Pure Play Kids doesn't know I'm posting about this. 

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