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Drawing Lessons for Kids with the Monart Method :: Revisited

by Jean Van't Hul
March 17, 2014
Daphnes Lion Drawing using the Monart Method

If you follow The Artful Parent page on Facebook* or if you’re one of my very first Instagram followers (I just started) you may have seen Daphne’s first lion drawing yesterday.

Maia doing the Monart pre drawing exercises

Maia and I were working together on one of the drawing lessons from Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Children (at her special request; we had actually taken a break from the book until then) and Daphne wanted to join in. So we all did the pre-drawing exercises, which both kids love.

Then Maia (age 8) drew a lion from memory and Daphne (age 4) really  wanted to draw a lion, too, but said she didn’t know how and asked if I could help her.

I told her I’d walk her through the lines and shapes that make up a lion, step by step, but that I was confident she could draw a lion herself.

She agreed to give it a try.

I talked her through the “how to draw a lion” process, one of the drawing lessons for kids in Drawing with Children, starting with the eyes and nose all the way to the tail and toes.

Daphnes Lion Drawing using the Monart Drawing Lessons

She did great! And was able to follow along easily although she sometimes looked at my own drawing or the illustration in the book to see how to draw a line when my description didn’t make complete sense to her.

A year ago, when Maia and I were working through the drawing lessons in Mona Brookes’ book, Daphne joined us for the pre-drawing exercises, but showed no interest whatsoever in doing the drawing lessons.

Now she’s obviously ready and interested.

Daphnes Lion Drawing using the Monart Method of Drawing

Daphne is SO proud of her lion drawing! You can also see how she added her own special style to the drawing with plenty of swirls, hearts, and spirals (which fill all of her drawings these days).

Drawing Lessons for Kids Monart Method - Maias Lion

Maia was proud that she was able to draw her lion without instruction and that she was able to make him look fierce by the way she drew the eyes and the teeth.

Drawing Lessons for Kids Using the Monart Method

All in all, we spent a great hour and a half yesterday drawing and talking and trading marker colors back and forth. We all had so much fun that I think it’s time to get back into doing the Monart drawing lessons for kids!

If you’re interested in seeing my past posts on our experiences with the book, Drawing with Children, and the Monart method, here’s the list:

Drawing Lessons for Kids with Monart

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