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How to Make Autumn Tree Art with Washi Tape

by Jean Van't Hul
August 23, 2021
autumn tree art with washi tape featured image

This Autumn tree art project for kids combines leaf prints, leaf collage, and washi tape trees for a seasonal mixed-media art activity.

Updated August 2021

We love having simple art projects set up for when our kids most need them (think – after school, before dinner, while younger siblings nap). This one isn’t on the cheat sheet of activities, but rather incorporates a few different art materials and techniques such as washi tape artsimple printmaking, and collage for kids.

This Autumn tree art project is super simple but a lot of fun. And kids of all ages will enjoy making trees with washi tape!

washi tape autumn tree art

How to Make Autumn Tree Art

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  1. Create your tree

    First, use colored masking tape to create your trees. Feel free to use any colors you’d like! Trees don’t have to be brown or gray.

    Autumn Tree Art For Kids – sticking masking tape tree on paper

  2. Collect leaves

    Go on a leaf hunt and gather all the different small leaves you can find. Get out your stamp pads, too!

    Autumn Tree Art For Kids – ink pads

  3. Stamp leaves!

    Press your leaf into the stamp pad, and then press it onto your washi tape tree. Leaves with texture, like sage leaves, will make great prints!

    Autumn Tree Art For Kids – printing small leaves

  4. Glue on leaves, too.

    You can also glue some of your leaves onto your tree.

    Autumn Tree Art For Kids – detail photo of leaf prints on tree

Here’s a detail of a finished tree with leaf prints and collaged leaves. And if your kids’ trees have a lot of fingerprints, that’s ok! We think fingerprints look quite leaf-like as well.

leaf prints with tape

How about you? Have you been doing any Autumn tree art? Any autumn crafting?

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How to Make Autumn Tree Art with Washi Tape

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