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How to Make a Heart Suncatcher with Tissue Paper

by Jean Van't Hul
January 22, 2024
heart suncatcher

Make a simple heart suncatcher using contact paper and tissue paper. This makes a lovely valentine to hang in a sunny window!

Updated February 2024

We like heart art anytime of the year, but as we near Valentine’s Day it seems like it’s all hearts all the time.

This is a sweet and simple heart suncatcher, made with contact paper and tissue paper. It’s a perfect toddler Valentine activity, but kids of all ages would have fun making these! And they make a lovely addition to any sunny window!

heart suncatcher pinterest
Photo by Andrea Martelle

How to Make a Heart Suncatcher

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  1. Cut heart shape

    Fold a piece of construction paper (we used black) in half. Cut a half heart out along the fold. Open the paper to reveal the full heart.

    cutting heart out of black paper

    Then do the same thing inside that heart, to reveal just the outline of a heart. This will be your suncatcher frame.

    cutting hearts out of black paper

  2. Prepare contact paper

    Then, cut a piece of contact paper about the size of the construction paper. Remove the paper backing. Lay the contact paper on the table with the sticky side facing up. Center and press the construction paper frame over the contact paper.

    heart on contact paper

  3. Add tissue paper pieces

    Now, press your tissue paper pieces (we cut small squares, but you can tear pieces or cut into different shapes) to the sticky paper in any arrangement or pattern desired.

    tissue paper on heart

  4. Apply second side of contact paper

    When your design is finished, add a second piece of contact paper to sandwich the collage materials inside. Cut around the heart to create a heart-shaped frame.

heart suncatchers
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Now it’s time to hang the suncatchers in a sunny window or give as a Valentine’s Day gift. We love the way they came out!

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How to Make a Heart Suncatcher with Tissue PaperHow to Make a Heart Suncatcher with Tissue Paper

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