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How to Set Up an Art Caddy

by Andrea Martelle
January 1, 2023
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An art caddy works as an easy way to organize art supplies for kids. Here are our best tips on how to stock and organize one for your family!

Updated January 2023

We love an art caddy. Regardless of the size of your home or the age of your kids, an art caddy will help you organize your kids’ art supplies.

Used alone or paired together with an art cart, an art caddy is great way to organize your essential art supplies – the ones your kids use every day. It helps make art supply organization manageable, especially in a smaller living space.

We also love that it can house just the art supplies you’d like accessible to your child. And kids grow, you can match the art supplies placed in the art caddy to their readiness.

art caddy for art supplies
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Our kids love the portability of the caddy. They bring it with them wherever they might be creating – the kitchen, the floor, or wherever the family is gathering.

We’ll show you some of our favorite art caddies and some materials you’ve got to stock it with, as well as some other ways to organize art supplies.

jean's art caddy
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul
art caddy for kids

Art Caddy for Kids

First, here are some art caddies we’ve used and recommend:

art caddy pin graphic
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Art Supplies for Kids

Next, here are some of the essentials we keep in our caddies:

Photo by Andrea Martelle

A great feature about an art caddy is that you can tailor it specifically to what your kids are into at the moment.

Maybe they are exploring watercolor painting: keep a watercolor palette, an empty cup for water, and an assortment of paintbrushes in the caddy. Or maybe they are into card making (one of our kids’ favorite pastimes!): gather up some blank cards, pens, and stickers and keep them in the caddy.

Just as easily as you set it up, you can change things out to suit your kids’ interests.

We can’t say enough about this organizational tool! It’s big enough to hold a decent amount of art supplies yet small enough to be easily manageable by a child. How will you organize yours?

art caddy with supplies
Photo by Andrea Martelle

More Ways to Organize Kids’ Art Supplies

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How to Set Up an Art Caddy

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