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Whats in Our Kids Wooden Art Supply Caddy

by Jean Van't Hul
June 18, 2014

Art Supply Caddy for Kids

What do a kids’ wooden art supply caddy and a wall mounted iPad holder have in common?

Not much, you say?

Well, I have been coveting both of these useful items for years now and finally asked my woodworker friend Doug to make them for me.

And both handy-dandy organization devices are now fully integrated into our household.

We’ve set up the wooden art caddy to be our portable art box—to take our art outside (to the teepee, for example, or the patio), to the porch, and even around the house.

Since the art supply caddy has four compartments, it’s a great way to keep a selection of kids art materials handy in one place. And the carry handle means it can be grabbed and taken to the bedroom floor or to the backyard at a moment’s notice.

What’s in Our Kids Art Supply Caddy

Kids Wooden Art Supply Caddy

Although I plan to change out some of the art materials periodically… Next time maybe it’ll have markers, stickers, and mini sketchbooks. And after that, maybe it’ll be a letter writing station with stationery, pens, stamps, and envelopes. Another time paint sticks, colored paper, and glitter. And another time popsicle sticks, playdough, googly eyes, and ?

There are so many possibilities for selectively grouping and offering creativity-inspiring art supplies in an art caddy!

*Note :: Many of the kids’ art supplies I had originally linked to are no longer in stock, so I replaced them with fun new items.

Kids art caddy in the teepee

I am so excited about this art caddy!! It’s big enough to hold a decent amount of art supplies yet small enough to be easily manageable by either child.

It all started with the search for the perfect wall mounted iPad holder for the kitchen. I wanted a simple one to hold the iPad on the wall out of the fray of flour and whipped cream and such. I use my iPad when cooking many recipes but wanted it out of the way of the food and cooking action. First, I searched for the perfect holder in stores and online. No luck. Then I asked Harry to make one. But when that particular item on his honey-do list never got made, I finally turned to my friend Doug, of Rustics Reborn, and commissioned exactly what I wanted.

Wall Mounted iPad Holder

The perfect, wall mounted iPad holder.

When he brought it over, I knew it was just right. Simple in design, sturdy, low profile, yet made of classy vintage barnwood.

Wall Mounted iPad Holder

I’ve used it daily since. Mostly for cooking with recipes on the iPad, but also as a cookbook stand.

Harry uses it for music while cooking and for checking his sports scores when working in the kitchen. Pretty handy all-around. Ours is mounted near an outlet so it doubles as an iPad charger stand. Frankly, I just store my iPad there now all the time. It’s perfect!

You can buy the wall-mounted iPad holder here.

The Kids Art Supply Caddy

Kids Wooden Art Supply Caddy

And while I was at it, I asked if maybe he could make a wooden art supply caddy, since he had made them for his boys (yes)…

Crayon Pencil Marker Holder

…and a crayon/pencil stand (yes, again).

The crayon/pencil/marker holder is nice for storing and displaying colored pencils and crayons and such within reach and in a more inspiring way than all clumped together in a jar.

Doug and his family are good friends. I first met his wife, Rachel, at a Music Together class when Maia was a toddler. His four boys, have all, at various times, come to one of the two kids art groups that I used to run in my home (although the littlest one was in an Ergo). Rachel now helps me answer blog emails when she’s not orchestrating a family of 6. Doug is a campus youth minister by day and a woodworker by night, selling his wares in his Rustics Reborn etsy shop.

Click here to buy an art supply caddy for your kids .

He’s also offered to give away one of his art caddies and a kids craft kit to an Artful Parent reader, so read on to see how to enter…

Whats in my kids wooden art supply caddy

Kids Art Supply Caddy Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter for a chance to win a kids’ wooden art supply caddy by Rustics Reborn as well as a kid’s circle craft kit, leave a comment to this post by Monday, June 23rd at 11:59 pm EST and then tell the rafflecopter widget that you’re entering the giveaway. Giveaway open to readers in the United States only.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now over.

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