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How to Make an Autumn Leaf Bunting for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
July 10, 2021

This no sew autumn leaf bunting with leaves and wax paper is easy to make and a great addition to fall decorations.

Updated August 2021

We love using the fall leaves that are in abundance this time of year for all kinds of crafts. And we love even more when we can use those crafts to add some lovely Fall decor to our homes!

autumn leaf bunting pinterest 4

This Autumn leaf bunting is one of many fall leaf garlands that we’ve made. It is so easy and fun to make, and looks so pretty hanging up by a window.

How to Make An Autumn Leaf Bunting

leaf garland in window
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  1. Place leaves on wax paper

    Arrange your autumn leaves on a sheet of wax paper in roughly triangular shapes. Set another sheet of wax paper over the leaves.

    leaves laid out on wax paper

  2. Iron wax paper

    Place a piece of newsprint or paper under and over the wax paper/leaf sandwich and iron on high to melt the wax and fuse the wax paper and leaves together.

  3. Cut triangle shapes

    Next, cut triangles out of the wax paper/leaf creation, preferably around the leaves rather than through them. You can freehand them or create a template for uniformity.

    cutting triangles for garland

  4. Arrange bunting and glue to ribbon

    Arrange your leaf wax triangles in an order you like and cut a piece of ribbon about a foot longer than the triangles.

    Use a hot glue gun to add a strip of glue along the top of a wax triangle. Set the ribbon on top and press lightly.

    gluing triangles onto ribbon

    Repeat with the rest of the wax triangles until all are glued to the ribbon.

  5. Add additional decorations

    Optional: Decorate the autumn leaf bunting with metallic sharpies. You can trace the veins of the leaves, or draw doodles, or zentangles.

    doodle on wax paper bunting

We think this lovely autumn leaf bunting hung in front of this window adds a nice Fall touch. We included some doodled leaves inside the wax bunting, but the effect is muted. The sharpie drawings on the outside of the wax paper show up much better.

close up of leaf bunting

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