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How to Make a Fall Leaf Wreath

by Jean Van't Hul
July 17, 2022

This fall leaf wreath looks gorgeous in the window with light shining through the fall leaves. Beautiful and super simple to make!

Updated August 2021

This gorgeous and super easy fall leaf wreath is the perfect fall craft! You can use all of those leaves you’ve been collecting and making it will be just as much fun for you as it is for your kids. Bonus: you get a lovely decoration for your door, too!

You can make one of these wreaths with materials you already have on hand, too. If you’ve decorated and preserved some leaves, this is a great way to show them off!

leaf wreath above desk

Fall Leaf Wreath

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*Use leaves that art fairly sturdy, already dried, and not too curly. If they’re not dry yet, they might curl and crumple after they are on the wreath. You could use leaves that have been Mod Podged if you like.

**You don’t need to paint your leaves first; the wreath will still be beautiful! But we really like the addition of metallic designs and accents on the Autumn leaves. Besides metallic paint such as metallic BioColors, metallic activity paint, or metallic acrylic paint, you could also try metallic Sharpies (or other permanent markers).


  1. Paint leaves

    First, paint your leaves with metallic paint. You can paint leaf sections, images, shapes, dots, or trace the veins. Or you can use metallic Sharpies and decorate with doodles.

    Create This Simple DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath For Fall - Painting Autumn Leaves

  2. Let paint dry

    While you do so, you can admire the newly painted leaves with the light streaming through them and imagine how lovely a wreath of these beauties would look in the window.

    Create This Simple DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath For Fall - Painted Autumn Leaves

  3. Prep materials

    Now heat up your hot glue gun and separate the inner and outer hoops of your wood embroidery hoop. You just need one of them per wreath.

    Create This Simple DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath For Fall - Assemble materials for an autumn leaf wreath

  4. Begin to glue

    Run a line of hot glue along a small section of the embroidery hoop…

    Create This Simple DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath For Fall - Assembling an Autumn Leaf Wreath

    And quickly press a leaf over the hot glue, holding it in place for a moment or two to stabilize as the glue cools and dries.

    Create This Simple DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath For Fall - Assembling an Autumn Leaf Wreath

  5. Keep going!

    Continue until your embroidery hoop is filled with a wreath of leaves.

    Create This Simple DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath For Fall - The back of the Autumn leaf wreath

  6. Add string or ribbon

    Tie or glue a loop of ribbon or string to the hoop to use for hanging.

    Adding a Hanging Hook to the Autumn leaf wreath

Hang in a sunny window and admire!

Autumn Leaf Wreath Detail

Isn’t it just gorgeous? We love the variety of leaf colors, shapes, sizes, and vein patterns, but you could do this with all one kind of leaf if you wanted.

Do you think you’ll make a beautiful fall leaf wreath for your own window?

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