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Paper shapes with the toddler art group

by Jean Van't Hul
September 30, 2010


The toddler art group was held at Iver’s house yesterday. It was just the two babes again, so feels a little funny calling it a “group”, but one family was sick, another was out of town, and a couple more haven’t started coming yet.

Iver’s mama, Angie, made construction paper shapes before the meeting for Daphne and Iver to play with. Not two-dimensional circles and squares (which is what I had pictured), but 3-D spirals, accordians, tunnels, and tents! How cool! It would never have occurred to me to make something like this just for 10-12 month old kiddos to mouth and explore. Maybe for older kids to glue onto paper as a collage, but not for the these two simply to experience. But what a great idea! Of course they loved them.





I’m planning to copy Angie’s idea and cut and fold some shapes to play with at home!


We also got out some playdough for the babes. I usually make my own, but this time tried some yummy-smelling modeling dough from Clementine Art. They were excited by the playdough, and poked at it, but that was the extent of the interaction. We’ll try again when they’re a little older.


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