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Penny Experiment with Water Drops

by Jean Van't Hul
October 15, 2013

A penny experiment that demonstrates how water tension works and water can hold together in a dome shape – a super simple science experiment for kids!

Penny Experiment with Water Drops

Drop water on a penny and it just runs over the side, right?

Maybe not…

Maia was excited to show us a penny experiment she learned at school that demonstrated how water can hold together in a dome shape. This super simple science experiment requires only a penny, some water, and a dropper.

The Penny Experiment in Action

Penny Experiment with Water Drops 1

She showed us how we could carefully squeeze a drop of water at a time onto the top of the penny…

Penny Experiment with Water Drops 4

…and the droplets would combine to form a bubble of water.

Penny Experiment with Water Drops

Maia thought it looked a little like a snow globe (one of her favorite things).

Penny Experiment with Water Drops 3

We each tried the penny experiment to see how many drops of water it would take before it reached its limit. Because once it did, the water bubble burst and flowed over the edge of the penny.

Penny Experiment with Drops of Water

Pretty cool, eh? We all had fun with this one. I think it’s definitely worth keeping it in mind for a rainy afternoon. Or just when you need a quick and easy activity for the kiddos.

By the way, if you want the technical explanation for why this works and what’s going on with the water, check out Steve Spangler Science.

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