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The Awesome Rainbow Milk Science Experiment

by Jean Van't Hul
July 22, 2014

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment

This rainbow milk science experiment is popular around the web. And for good reason.

Also called milky fireworks, erupting colors, magic milk, tie-dyed milk– this is very possibly both the easiest and most beautiful science experiment out there.

It is so super awesome and kids LOVE it!

Am I going a little over the top? I guess adults love it, too.

We did the milky fireworks on top of our simple DIY light table (simply a clear plastic storage bin from Target with a string of white Christmas lights inside) which added an extra level of beauty to the experiment.

It was lovely to see the light shining through the milk, the colors, and the magic!

Ready for the how-to and photos of the beautiful process?

I even embedded a couple of my instagram videos of the magic milk in action, since photos don’t do it justice.

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment - Ingredients

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Rainbow Milk Science Experiment - the set up

1. Pour milk in dish

Assemble food coloring, a small bowl of liquid dish soap, and some Q-tips. Then pour a thin layer of the whole milk in a shallow dish.

As you can see, we did this science experiment over our light table this time around, so we used glass baking dishes. All the better to let the light shine through, my dear.

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment - Adding drops of food coloring

2. Squeeze drops of food coloring on milk

Begin by squeezing droplets of the food coloring on the surface of the milk. One color or several colors.

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment in Progress

3. Dip Q-tip in soap, then milk

Next, dip a Q-tip in the dish soap and then in the milk, preferably in the center of a spot of food coloring.

Watch the colors explode all over as the detergent interacts with the fat molecules in the whole milk!

Here are a couple of brief videos I took of the beautiful erupting colors in motion. I shared both Instagram when we did this experiment.

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment - getting muddy

Repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you like until you end up with muddy milk.

Rainbow Milk Science Experiment - adding food coloring

If you’d like to keep going (my kids always do), discard the muddy milk then add another thin layer of milk and begin again.

Rainbow Milk - Fun Kids Science Experiment

So tell me… Have you tried this rainbow milk science experiment with your kids yet?

If not, you MUST do it asap!

If you have, you must do it again! Preferably asap.

Just ’cause.

It’s that good.



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Rainbow Milk Science Experiment

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