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The Best Books About Mindfulness for Kids

by The Artful Parent Book Review
April 1, 2024

Discover the best books about mindfulness for kids. These stories will help develop valuable skills for emotional well-being.

Mindfulness for kids is beneficial because it helps kids develop better focus, enhances emotional regulation, and promotes overall well-being. It can help them manage their feelings and stress.

But as a parent or teacher, how do you teach your children or students about mindfulness? We find that one of the best ways to teach kids (about anything!) is through picture books.

This list of books on mindfulness for kids features carefully selected titles that help young readers learn to be present and manage their emotions effectively. These books incorporate engaging stories and simple mindfulness practices, making it easy for children to understand and apply the concepts.

We’ve divided these books, carefully chosen by our book team, into different categories, to help you find the area of focus that suits your family’s needs.

Mindful Body and Mind Books for Kids

These books focus on being calm and in the moment, as well as teaching yoga basics and mindful breathing.

Books About Emotions for Kids

The books in this section explain first feelings and emotions, as well as learning to understand yourself.

We hope these books help you and your family or classroom explore the world of mindfulness! And be sure to check out our favorite mindfulness activities for kids, too.

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The Best Books About Mindfulness for Kids
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