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Art Supplies Storage Ideas for Kids

by Megan Schiller
March 15, 2022
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Create an art room with art supplies storage ideas for kids using Megan Schiller’s ebook and experience as a design consultant.

We’ve followed Megan Schiller’s progression from her Littlest Birds Studio classes and blog to The Art Pantry (which started out as an online kids’ art supply shop, then became a kids art space consulting business).

Like the Artful Parent, Megan believes in the importance of a space for art. She’s so passionate about it that she helps people create kids’ art spaces in their homes and schools for a living.

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And she’s even written an ebook to help people set up a kids’ art room on their own. Several members of our team have used Megan’s ebook for art supplies storage ideas and have found it hugely helpful.

Art Supplies Storage Ideas

Megan’s book has been helpful by providing both fresh ideas and the motivation to revitalize our art rooms. If you could use some inspiration and information on setting up or updating an art space for your kids, we highly recommend Megan’s ebook

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Need help setting up your own kids’ art room?

Megan is dedicated to helping more kids have access to creative tools and materials. So, if you want help setting up a creative space in your home, she’s here for you!

  • Her online course, Art Pantry Design Camp, will guide you through the process of setting up an organized and inviting space for your kids (no matter your budget or the size of your space!).

Design Camp is a 5-week course with step-by-step instructions, clickable product lists, videos, group accountability, inspiration, and support. Megan guides you through the process and answer every question that comes up for you!

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Art Supplies Storage Ideas for Kids

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