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The Best Glitter Glue for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
September 21, 2010


I bought Maia this set of glitter glue for her birthday and she’s been using it almost nonstop since.

We had previously tried a couple different brands of glitter glue pens (I don’t remember what kind) that were really hard to squeeze. I mean really hard. So I tossed them, and have been leery of glitter glue since.

But someone recommended Discount School Supply’s glitter glue, so I decided to give it another try since Maia loves glue and loves glitter.

I’m so glad I did!

This stuff is the best glitter glue we’ve tried by far!


These obviously aren’t the pen kind, and maybe that’s the key.

These are regular old glue squeeze bottles with lovely, sparkly glitter glue inside.


Maia often gets her glitter glue out after school and draws pictures while we sit at the table together and talk about her day.


In fact, she seems to love these so much that I would’ve sworn she would say glitter glue when I asked her about her favorite art material.

Her answer?


Who knew?! (Although I wonder if her answer would be different on another day.)


Here’s one of her glitter glue pictures once the glue has dried.

The glue doesn’t stay quite as puffy after it dries, but is definitely still raised.

I’m planning to suggest a crayon rubbing of one of these soon. Wouldn’t that be neat?

And I’ve read about making prints from a dried glue drawing—probably from one of MaryAnn’s books such as Preschool Art. So many possibilities…

Glitter Glue Art with Kids

So, is your family into glitter glue?

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