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Creativity for Kids Matters Now More than Ever! (+ Art Resources to Try at Home)

by Ginger Huebner
April 12, 2021

Ginger Huebner, founder and director of Roots + Wings School of Art and Design shares the importance of empowering creativity for kids Don’t miss our list of amazing game and art resources for kids from virtual classes to art boxes and art & play guides.

Child painting on canvas

Over this past year, parents are looking for educational solutions for their children that can deliver value while still enabling them to work at home. And retain some sense of sanity.

While core courses such as math and language arts are improving in many districts, other subjects and skills are being ignored. Sadly, creativity for kids is often one of the skills being left on the side of the virtual learning road.

Why does creativity matter? Creativity creates confidence for both children and adults. It fuels exploration and innovation. It energizes and connects us. And, during a time when we all have heightened emotions, stress, constrained space and worry, creativity produces clarity and new ways of seeing ahead.

Ginger S. Huebner
Child drawing using Little Wings & Roots art kit

Creativity—and art in particular—can make other academic subjects more engaging. Even for kids who don’t think they like science, math or social studies.

This is why leading educators started using the STEAM acronym, adding Art to the usual STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses needed for success in the 21st Century economy.

But whatever the term, the life-long concept is about dreaming up alternatives, solving problems, stimulating learning, and generating innovation.

The best thing about creativity at this very moment is it can be contagious. Once unleashed, creativity continues to grow and self-replicates, generating new ideas and iterations. Much like reading, creativity unlocks the world around us. It encourages experimentation, increases independent thinking and reduces intimidation and fear of failure.

Ginger S. Huebner
Family collaborative drawing game

5 Ideas to Encourage Creativity for Kids at Home

So, how do we teach creativity for kids in the age of Covid-19? A time when core academic courses via virtual learning are less than ideal? I want to share five ideas for parents to incorporate art & creativity at home…

1. Creative Curiosity Jar

Brainstorm as a family and allow everyone to have a voice and share ways to explore creatively.  Be curious: what materials, mediums, and explorations sound fun? 

Together, write all of the ideas on one big piece of paper.  Then, transfer these ideas on small pieces of scrap paper.  Fold them up and put them in a jar to pull from any time. Now you have a collection of creative launching pads for super fun, hands on making anytime!

2. Pass the Drawing Game

Sit in a circle or around a table together.  Make sure everyone has one piece of paper and a drawing tool in front of them. 

Set a timer for 1 minute. Everyone will draw anything they would like on the paper.  When the timer goes off, pass all the papers to the right or left (just make sure it’s the same direction). Continue the pattern until the drawing returns to the original starting place. 

Another way to begin this game is to glue down a small paper scrap on the paper before starting.  It adds an interesting element of surprise as you begin!

3. Found Object Stamping

Create a search party and look all over the house for objects that would be ok to use with paint–– and are fun to try to stamp with! 

Begin to stamp these objects on the paper.  Next, see what patterns can be made with this new collection of stamps.  Can you create a circle pattern?  Could you cover the entire paper? 

4. Collaboration Maps

Use a flattened cardboard box and gather some creative materials for drawing, painting, collage.  Together, begin to plan a bird’s eye view map of a known OR invented land. 

Ask questions about the type of landscape, buildings, roads, parks, etc…and watch it unfold.     

5. Painting with Water

This one is for the great outdoors! Grab a cup of water and some objects you can use with water: sticks, paint brushes, toothpicks, corks, etc. 

Then find a wall, concrete patio, fence or even a few bricks and use the tools to paint.  If it is super hot, you’ll see that the water evaporates quickly, leaving kids with a never ending ‘canvas’ to work with all day long!

Child drawing using Little Wings & Roots kit

Creativity for Kids Matters

Creativity matters, especially now. Schools are facing challenges in delivering hybrid or virtual learning on the core academic subjects. Creativity is not receiving the attention it deserves.

Creative experiences help generate interest and self-sufficiency in other subjects. And a little creativity can generate a lot of happiness, confidence and future success.

If we are going to avoid a creativity deficit that can permanently affect our children’s development and success, parents and caregivers at home are going to have to find ways to carry the ball.

At Roots + Wings, we’re providing the tools and materials parents need to be successful. See below for a list of wonderful resources (including our own) to encourage art & creativity in the home. Given the opportunity, the kids will do the rest.

Little Roots & Wings art kit

Creative Resources for Kids

Little Wings Creative Cultivation Curriculum

Roots + Wings created alternatives that unleash our kids’ creativity for hours on end. Parents don’t need arts and crafts skills and every creative experience builds confidence for parents and children.

We provide our families with 12 Curriculum books full of unique and fun illustrated explorations with options to add boxes full of unique art and design supplies directly to your door.

We include a curriculum calendar and a special Creating + Connecting Guidebook with tips and pointers for parents and caregivers along with personalized support when needed. In addition, families will have access to our Creative Community Little Wings Resource Hub all year long. (Recommended for ages 3+)

ANYtime Creativity Camps are a great option for virtual summer camp at home! Each camp is filled with unique and awesome content and offers hours of creative fun for your kids! Have your creativity kit delivered straight to your doorstep. Join in whenever, wherever, at ANYtime!

For April and May, save 10% off Little Wings or ANYtime Creativity Camps for April and May.  Coupon code is ARTFULPARENT

Meri Cherry Art Box

Art Boxes

Meri Cherry Art Camp Boxes

Process art lover and author, Meri Cherry offers virtual classes and camp in a box with all the supplies needed to create! Art camp boxes vary by themes (animal lovers, fantasy, dollhouse, etc). The Artful Parent followers can get 10% off MeriCherry kits for the month of April with code ARTFULPARENT10. (Recommended for ages 4+)

KidArtLit Box

KidArtLit pairs together a beautiful hardcover book with a fun process art project & supplies to go along with it. Choose from various monthly subscription options. Use code BOOKISHFAM for $10 off any Spark or Deluxe box.


Receive an artist inspired process art box with hiqh quality art materials from Lots of Lovely Art. (Subscriptions are available for ages 3+). Use code artfulparent for 20% off individual boxes (not subscriptions)


Art & Play Guides

The Creativity Project

Bar Rucci of ArtBar and Shannon Merenstein of Hatch produce amazing monthly guides with simple art & play prompts to use in the home or classroom. These are art & play guides are wonderful ways to foster open ended, creativity play for your kids!

Creative Lifesaver

Catalina of RedViolet Studio brings us 7 super fun art and play invitations especially for young children. Available in English & Spanish. For a short time only, purchase Creative Lifesaver for only $10 when you mention The Artful Parent. (Recommended for ages 1-7)


Art Club Membership

Kids Art Spot

Kids Art Spot is an online art club for kids that makes it easy for families to foster creativity at home. Purchase a monthly or annual membership and receive a new weekly art video and drawing prompt online or in the app. Save 15% off Kids Art Spot annual or monthly membership with code KAS15OFF.

Or save 50% at checkout on ALL kids seasonal & holiday themed workshops, drawing workshops, science workshops.

The New Artful Parent Book on Raising Creative Kids

Creative Book Resources

Head to The Artful Parent Amazon shop for an amazing collection of books about children’s art & creativity.

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