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Why Is Art Important to Families?

by Jean Van't Hul
January 22, 2016

Why Art is Important to Families - Connection, Creativity and More

Why is art important to your family?

I asked this question on my Facebook page the other day and loved reading all of the responses! While there were many commonalities, they also varied quite a bit.

For many parents, it was about connecting with their kids over an art activity. For others, it was about fostering creativity and outside-the-box thinking. For some, it was about communicating. And there were many, many more answers, too!

I thought that the spectrum of answers was so wonderful that I’m sharing some of them here.

(If you’d like to read all of them, here’s the link for the Facebook post.)

Why Is Art Important to Families

Why is Art Important to Your Family?

It connects us and opens conversations. – Molly McCracken

Art helps us develop a deeper, more compassionate, open-minded, intelligent experience of existence because it shows us that our perspective and actual experience of being alive is both similar and unique to others around us and across the world. – Hayley Entabi

No other activity keeps my children as happy and occupied for as long! – Noah and the Girls

I lead by example for my children in expressing myself through art and creativity. I want to raise my boys to be Makers… Making things/art is a great way to build character and confidence! My son’s art is framed in our house, which builds his confidence to know the things he makes are valued. – Anne Keeler

I love working together, the memories made, and looking back on what we made over time. – Ana Dziengel

If I sit down at the table to start creating, it is never long before the kids join me with their own creative endeavor. My husband is not “artistic” but a brilliant computer programmer, and will often join us as the table with his laptop. These are my absolute favorite family moments. Art brings us together! – Kelly Gratz

Sisters working on pottery together (and a post about why art is important to families) We have no choice in the matter. The creativity must come through in one way or another. – Mikki Reux

Art is important to our family because it bonds us. There are six years between my kids and participating in arts-based activities is the glue that holds my kids desire to play with each other together. We do lots of singing, dancing, and music making together as a family, and my son constructs costume for his toddler sister so that they can role play along to their favorite movies together. – Rhian Jack

Not only does it foster creative thinking and a creative outlet for my children, it is how our family survives. – Jennifer Andersen

Like many others, it is the time we spend together that makes art important to us. Plus the twinkle in your child’s face when they create something that they didn’t even expect is priceless. – Jessica Daniels

Integrating lots of art in our life has made me happy, which makes me a better parent, and my passion inspires my son, and builds his confidence. So a little selfishness can rub off and let your kids find their own passions. – Leslie Goebel

Art in many forms has gotten me through the hardest times and the best times of my life. I will share the joy that comes from art and the expressions portrayed from it with my children in the hopes they will keep art alive for future generations too. – Angelica Heien

Honestly. I struggle to make art important in our family life. Some days/weeks/months are more successful than others. It was non existent in my life growing up, and I want that to be different for my girls! – Jennifer Meyer

Art is the one thing any age can join in with & my children sit down and draw, make up stories to go with their drawings. There is 9 years difference between them but art is an amazing bridge regardless of ability because all art work is original & can not be judged. – Michelle Treasure

I’m a trained artist, & I want both my son & the young children I work with to appreciate the Arts & their joys. Art, used in the right way, brings people together. It’s freedom, expression & communication. – Katherine Banks

Art was one of the few ways we were able to communicate with my non-verbal toddler through preschooler. It was through sensory and abstract art that we were able to associate objects and feelings to words and speech. – Angelique Loeffler

Our children enjoy the process of coming up with an idea and seeing it to fruition and we also enjoy exposing them to new materials and techniques to explore. – Make It Your Own

If we didn’t have art we would all suffocate. It is constant in our home, in the car, restaurants. We would be lost without it. It is our peace, our quiet time to share, our reflection time and our solitude time. – Susie Fisher

Teaches problem solving and self love and appreciation. We use it as a confidence building tool for our kids because art is never wrong, or right, it is simply an expression. – Charlene Erickson

Painting heart doilies in the beautiful morning light…

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Why Art Is Important to Families (Continued)

Art is important to our family because it allows us to be creative and connect. Also to realize the value of a gift made from the heart. – Jacklyn Richard-Alaksin

It fosters creativity and thinking outside of the box. – Eileen Gilbert

It brings us together. Nothing else matters when we have paint on our hands and glitter in our hair. – Brittney Epperson

Creativity is one of the best ways to truly show who you are. Creativity doesn’t need a language, or a specific skill, or a degree. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, it doesn’t judge you, it doesn’t matter what grades you got or what experience you have. Creativity makes everyone equal. That’s why I like it anyway, it’s an equal footing & a prettier kinder way to view life. – Hayley Davis

Above all, its therapeutic…whether we realize it in the moment or not. And lord knows every family needs a little therapy every now and then to stay healthy and happy. – Jennifer No

I’m not what I would call artistic in any way, but boy does it provide me some much needed quiet time as a stay at home mom… my 3 year old LOVES doing project and my almost 2 year old is starting to get the hang of doing some things on her own. cold winter days are long for my little outdoorsy nature lovers. – Tristan Norton

Art is one way I can affirm an idea or moment in my life. Doing art regularly gives me confidence to affirm my own abilities, keeps my thoughts playful & constructive & focused on real processes. Art allows me to opportunity to take risks & please my own eye. Art has carried me safely through the more Challenging Moments of my life. – Darlene Dove Fraher

It is a way to express yourself when the words just won’t come. A calming soothing way to release the inner person for all the world to see. Colors make you feel alive. A world without art would be like a world without sunshine…dark and blah, sad and lonely. – Tammy Chandler Tinsley

Expression, relaxation, inner joy, fun, togetherness. To know that ones art may not look like the next guys, but its “yours”. I am an art teacher, and the hardest thing I encounter with my students is thinking and making decisions for themselves. At home or at school my answer to a question is usually “what do you think?” – Jennie Cochran

Why Art is Important to Families - Lots of great reasons!! In a world where science, technology and exactitude are so pervasive in our lives, art allows for individual expression and less “rules” and protocols-almost like an antidote. – Elizabeth Westbrook

It helps calm. It helps them understand there is more than one “right” way to do a task. It’s a fun, healthy activity that we can all do, no one is “too little” or “too big” to play with some colors or paint. – Diaper Dabbler

It grows our brains just as much if not more than things like math science etc. It makes learning those other things easier! – Cassandra Thomas

It brings us together at the table and we laugh and talk and learn. It’s really just a nice relaxing bonding time. – Elizabeth Skoryna

Emotional expression. It’s just the two of us and we haven’t had an easy journey so it’s been a way to stop, breathe, and focus on something you can have full control over. Maybe that’s more me than my 3 year old lol. But even for him.. It’s something we look forward to doing together. And it’s fun! – Cait Walker

It gives my grandchildren and me a time filled with imagination, laughter and shared love of creating. – Heidi Doose

I love how my kids use problem solving skills and creativity. – Megan Darling

It brings joy, it brings calm, it brings feelings of pride and success, it allows self expression and self confidence. – Tiggi Rundle

Self expression equals self awareness equals self discipline equals dreams come true. – Heather Klessig-Zeiger

How about you? Why is Art Important to Your Family?


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Why Art is Important to Families - Creativity, Connection, Communication and More!

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