Newspaper flowers and another interview

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Here's what Maia and I made yesterday: newspaper flowers! Maia had a blast. She loves to cut with scissors and I let her use my big scissors for the first time (she was frustrated with the short range of her small scissors). This was a big hit!

We followed Maya*Made's tutorial for recycled paper flowers, adding pipecleaner stems.


Also… This seems to be the week of interviews.

Angie at WNC LINC (the local information cooperative I'm participating in) interviewed me about why I blog and how I choose what to write about. The interview is here. I would love it if you would head over and leave a comment!

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    I think in another life we could have been sisters! You the older one of course. I went to school for art and *try* to incorporate it everyday with our activities. There sure are some days though that I say no more than yes and I’m working on those being less. I read both of your interviews and I have to say well done! You are so inspiring!

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    Found your blog through EnviroRambo at the Green Phone Booth (I think). I can’t remember, I subscribe to quite a few “green” blogs and Craft blogs now, too. ( I am mom to a 2.5 yr old and attending Waldorf Parent/Toddler classes.) I am so glad I found you!

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    Yes, that’s a photo of me wearing a dress and blouse my grandma sewed. We’re at my grandma’s house and my sister is in the background. I think I’m 5 in that photo.